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7th Central Pay Commission Central Government Allowances (latest news)

The 7th central pay commission report has been released quite a long time back. But the questions regarding few points are still holding and yet to be answered by the finance commission. Among all the unanswered questions issues regarding the allowances paid to the central government employees are the most common that was discussed in a recent Lok Sabha meeting.

Finally the finance minister of the country Shree Arun Jaitely has given a written answer during his speech in Lok Sabha meeting on 18th of November 2016. There was a bunch of recommendations to modify the allowances of the central government and Mr. Jately has answered some of them.

Answers to the Questions

  • The main question was regarding the allowances that are still paid on the existing rates (excluding the dearness allowances). There were no changes in the rates according to the recommendation. The finance minister has formed a committee under which each allowance will be examined and the concerned department or ministry will take the charge to solve the problems regarding the issue.
  • The finance ministry also said that the allowances will be paid to every central government employee at the existing rate unless and until the government provides any declaration about the allowances change.
  • The committee formed for this issue will also be engaged in discussion with the diverse stake holders on their demands. The committee has decided to interact with some of the departments namely Health and Welfare, Joint Consultative, National Council, Home Affairs and posts departments. They have already discussed things with these departments.
  • The final report will be published after the representatives of these mentioned departments will give the green signal to the demands. The committee has also approached some other departmental representatives and stake holders for the discussion on the issues as well.
  • Arun Jaitly has declared that the report will be finalised once the discussion over these issues will be over and the government will finally give the green signal to the recommendation by the 7th pay commission regarding the allowances issue.

What to expect now:

As of now the government said that the central government employees will receive the allowances (excluding dearness allowances) at the existing rates. The existing pay scale will also be as it is till the final report will be out. The committee has to submit the report within 4 months of the order that was constituted on 22nd July 2016.

Issue Answering the questions regarding the allowances issue
Dated 18th November 2016
By Finance Minister Shree Arun Jaitley
Report to be published Soon
Concerned employees Central government employee




Allowance | Bhatta | Advance Under 7th Pay Commission

The present report for the 7th CPC is more focused on abolishing the advances offered for the central government employees. The advances are primarily classified into two segments, they are interest bearing advances and interest free advances. The rate of interest in every advance is actually published by the government of India from time to time and they are pre-determined every year. A huge number of employees are looking for modification within some of the 7Th CPC advances. It is true that the major priority needs to be offered for the House building allowances or the purchase of flats and it is also requested that the purchase of house are sanctioned at lesser amount and the rules are relaxed for the government individuals. In this article we are going to discuss about both the Interest free and interest bearing loans that are offered by the central government.
allowance hindi name 7th Pay Commission

  • Bicycle Advance: The overall amount issued for Bicycle Advance is Rs 4500 and it will be eligible for those who have grade pay less than 2800. It can be recovered within a maximum of 30 month installments.
  • Warm Clothing Advance: The warm clothing amount for the government officials who reside in the hill station areas shall be given to the Group C employees. It is also offered to those employees who are posted on their first appointment or they are in a transfer of more than one year.
  • Advance of Pay on transfer: This is offered to the employees on 1 month’s pay or 2 months pay if there is a transfer due to the shift of the HQ because of the government policy. The eligibility of this advance is if the employees are transferred from one station to another. And the advance is recoverable within monthly 3 installments maximum.
  • Advance on TA for the family of deceased government employee: This is limited to the 3/4th of the overall expenses which is admissible under the rules. This is similar to the TA that is offered during retirement.
  • Advance on the LTC: The LTC amount allowed is 90% of the overall fare and it is given for all he eligible central government employees.
  • Advance of leave salary: This amount does not exceed the overall amount of the leave salary that includes allowances of 1st 30 days leave after the PF is reduced or the house rent, recovery of advance or Income Tax is reduced.
  • Advance of TA on tour/transfer and retirement: This is the amount which is offered for the travelling of the government official for 6 months if the tour period is prolonged. This is offered in all circumstances when the TA is actually applicable and this advance is adjusted directly after   the tour is complete.
  • Advance in connection with medical expenditure: A total of 90% is offered for a major illness. An amount of Rs 10000 is given for the indoor and outdoor treatment of 3 months while an amount of Rs 36000 is given for a treatment of TB when duration is more than 3 months. This is applicable for all the central government employees.
  • Festival Advance: A total of Rs 4500 is given to the employees whose GP is less than Rs 4800. It is recoverable in a maximum of 10 monthly installments.
  • Flood Advance: A total sum of RS 7500 is offered to the employees who are non-gazetted officials and it is recoverable in a maximum of 12 months installments.
  • Advance for Hindi through Correspondence course: A sum of Rs 450 is given for the employees who train for a special correspondence course that is conducted by the Central Hindi Directorate of India.
  • Advance for law Suits: Rs 500 is offered to the government employees and that amount is recoverable within a maximum period of 24 months of monthly installments.

Now we shall check out the details regarding the Interest bearing Advances. They are as follows:

  1. Advance for buying Motor Car: On the first occasion the government employees are offered with Rs 180000 and then Rs 160000 on 8 months basic pay or an anticipated amount for a car. This is offered for the employees within pay band of Rs 19530 excluding GP and that is recoverable in a monthly salary of 200 months.
  2. Advance of Motorcycle/scooter: A sum of Rs 30000 on the first occasion and then Rs 24000 on second occasion considering the anticipated price of a Motorcycle/scooter. An amount of Rs 20000 is offered for the anticipated price of moped only if the pay is less than Rs 8560.
  3. 3. Advance for buying a personal computer: On first occasion a sum of Rs 80000 is provided considering the price of the PC and this is eligible for those who are in the pay band of Rs 19350. It is recoverable in 150 months installments maximum.
  4. House Building Allowance: The basic pay for 34 months or Rs 750000 is offered to the employees whichever is less for the construction purpose of the house/flat. For the new house, the cost ceiling limit is maintained at 134 times the pay. 25% is relax-able for the minimum cost of 30 lakh. The max limit for grant of HBA for enlarging existing house shall be 34 months of pay within the pay band. But the eligibility of this facility is the government officials must be in service for more than 10 years and a recovery of principal shall be done within a maximum period of 180 months in 60 installments.

A tabular overview of 7th CPC advances for interest free advances

Serial Number Name Eligibility
1. Bicycle Advance It is offered to the employees whose grade pay is less than 2800.
2. Warm Clothing Advance The warm clothing amount for the government officials who reside in the hill station areas shall be given to the Group C employees. It is also offered to those employees who are posted on their first appointment or they are in a transfer of more than one year.
3. Advance of pay on transfer The employees who have been transferred from one station to another for public interest.
4. Advance of TA on tour/transfer/retirement It is offered to all the employees where the TA is applicable.
5. Advance of TA for the family of the deceased government employees This is similar to the retirement/transfer.
6. Advance of LTC This is for all the central government employees.
7. Advance of leave Salary This is for those officials who are proceeding on leave for not less than 30 days.
8. Advance for medical treatment Apart from the railway employees, all the central government employees are offered.
9. Festival Advance This is for those employees who grade pay is less than 4800.
10. Advance for natural calamity This is offered to the non gazetted officials and employees of central government.
11. Advance for the training in Hindi For those central government employees who need or undergo training in a correspondence course that is conducted by a central Hindi Directorate.
12. Advance for law suits This is applicable for all the central government employees.

For the Interest bearing advances

Serial Number Name of Advance Eligibility
1. Motor Car advance This is eligible for those who are in the pay band of Rs 19530 or more excluding the GP.
2. Motorbike/scooter/moped advance This is offered to those who are in the pay band of Rs 8560 or more.
3. House Building Advance All the permanent officials who have been serving for more than 10 years.
4. Advance for personal computer For those officials who have been in the pay band of Rs 19530.

Allowance Hindi Bhatta 

 1 Transport Allowance
परिवहन भत्ता
2 Dearness Allowance
महंगाई भत्ता
3 Children Education Allowance
बाल शिक्षा भत्ता
4 Travelling Allowance
यात्रा भत्ता
5 Fixed Medical Allowance
फिक्स्ड चिकित्सा भत्ता
6 Over time allowance
ओवरटाइम भत्ता
7 Family Planning Allowance
परिवार नियोजन भत्ता
8 Transport Allowance (TPTA)
परिवहन भत्ता
9 Night Duty Allowance (NDA)
रात्रि ड्यूटी भत्ता
10 hardship allowance
11 House Rent allowance HRA  मकान किराया भत्ता
12 Accident Allowance  दुर्घटना भत्ता
13 Daily Allowance  दैनिक भत्ता
 14 Hard Area Allowance
 15 Child Care Allowance  बाल देखभाल भत्ता
16  Leave Travel Allowance LTA | Leave Travel Concession LTC
17  Bad Climate Allowance
18  Handicapped Allowance
19  Medical Allowance|Reimbursement 
20  House Building Allowance|House Building Advance