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Jul 192017

Ration Money Allowance Eligibility Rules Tax In 7th Pay Commission 

What is Ration Money Allowance?

Ration Money allowances is an amount of money that is paid to the personnel and officers working in defence forces. Ration money is being paid to all those personnel under Defence forces, Delhi police, CAPF, IB and others who are posted in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

RMA is a special allowance that is given to those officers who don’t dine in the force mess. This specific sort of money is considered as the ration or meal allowances for the officers who are posted in hardship areas or mainly do not take dine in the official mess.

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Eligibility for Ration Money Allowances

  • As said it is given to the officers under Defence Forces who are posted in Andaman and Nicobar Island. Also those who are not dining in the official defence mess.
  • Hardship places where Defence force officers, CAPF, Delhi Police, A&N, and Indian Reserve Battalion Officers are posted or working will be eligible to get ration money allowances.
  • No free ration will be provided to the officials who are eligible for ration Money Allowances. The ration money will be directly credited to their bank account on monthly basis.
  • Non-gazetted officers as well as gazetted officers under diverse defence force will also be eligible for the allowances. The amount of allowances for the gazetted officer is lower than the non-gazetted officers.
  • Ration Money Allowances will be paid when officers are on leave. 30 days full leave, 20 days half leave and if on casual leave, then only the allowances will be granted.

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Ration Money Allowances Rules:

  • If the government or ministry is failed to supply the ration food to the place where the officers are posted or the distance of ration shop to the residence / living area of the officer is more than 3.2 kms. Then officers can draw ration money.
  • If the officers are travelling on duty or for any other official work, then instead of having food they can draw ration money allowances. Also if the officer is unable to take the facility of rationing due to disability or physical issues then he/she can draw ration money allowances.

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Ration Money Allowances for CAPF Personnel | CPMF 

For the Central Armed Police Forces, the non-gazetted officers draw Rs. 95.52/- per day per head as the ration money allowances. On the other, the gazetted officers draw Rs 79.93/- per day per head for the same. According to 7th CPC the rate of gazetted officer for the allowances was asked to raise for the CAPF and others. However it does not take place.

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Ration Money Allowance for Paramilitary Forces

The Ration Money Allowance for the paramilitary forces is Rs. 95/- per day per head. The amount was same before the revision of the allowances for defence forces in the year 2017. There is no increase in the rate of their allowances.

Compare to US paramilitary who are currently drawing $200 per month Indian soldiers are not getting even a half portion of food rationing money in India.

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Ration Money Allowance Army Officers

Ra. 95.52/- per head per day is the ration money allowances granted for the Indian Army officers after the 7th CPC revision took place in 2017. The revised allowances will be applicable from 1st of July 2017. The ration money allowances will be credited to their bank accounts whoever will be unable to get free ration from their mess.

After the revised allowances under 7th CPC is finally announced by the cabinet, it is decided that no free ration of food will be distributed but RMA will be provided to all the eligible officers and personnel.

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Ration Money Arrear

The Ration money allowances are decided and revised by the defence and home ministry of India. After 7th CPC the cabinet declared the final rates of the allowances. It is still the same as it was in earlier time. According to the cabinet ministry the Ration Money Arrears will be paid according to the new rule and eligibility and will be credited to the bank account of the personnel directly.

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Ration Money Allowance in 7th CPC 2017

After 7th CPC final reports it is decided that the Ration Money Allowances will not be discontinued. Though the CAPF and the other personnel had recommended increasing the allowance for the gazetted officers but this didn’t take place.After 7th CPC there will not be any free ration to the officers who are eligible for Ration Money Allowances. The amount will be directly credited to the bank account of the officers.

Also the recommendation said that it must be exempted from the income tax slabs. However according to the 7th CPC new revised report the planning commission didn’t turn it down from the IT slabs. It is said by the authority that food allowances or money related to ration facility must not be added under the Income Tax slab.


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Jul 082017

Tough Location Allowance Rules Policy Tax in 7CPC Plans

The Tough Location Allowance has been added in the 7th Pay Commission as a means of providing financial support to those who live in some difficult parts of India. The allowances are made to support employees who are in spaces around India where it may be difficult to find consistent work or to make money.

The allowance takes in a number of different allowances that had been utilized in the past. It subsumed the Special Compensatory Allowance and the Sunderban Allowance as well as the Tribal Area Allowance. These are all allowances that had long been used within the country for a variety of general purposes.

The allowances will be used as different cells of the R&H Matrix. The funds being given as a part of these allowances will range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,300 per month for each person who qualifies for the system. The totals vary by each person and will be analyzed on an individual basis to ensure that a proper system of payouts works as well as possible.

The general plan here is to help with simplifying the process of getting an allowance while living in one of these areas. As a result, it should be easier for people to apply for the allowance at their local governmental offices. This is critical for people living in regions that are at a disadvantage due to how they are located in spots where it might be difficult to use certain services.

Understanding the Allowance

The Tough Location Allowance works with a series of standards in mind:

  • A person’s location has to be analyzed at the start. This is to determine if a person can qualify for a particular allowance over time based on how well the location can handle economic activities.
  • A person’s profession is then reviewed. This includes a review based on points like farming, manufacturing or other functions. The employee is analyzed based on how much of a disadvantage a person has for getting products out to different parts of India.
  • The government then makes a calculation of what someone may be able to afford. This includes a review based on the economic impact of one’s work and what can be handled at a certain time for different functions.

Tough Location Allowance Policy

Allowances may be provided based on geographic location. The areas that are covered entail three categories based on accessibility and how well the local economy may work. The rates are all previously determined based on many factors relating to where one is applying out of. This is used to control the rates at which the allowance will be given out to the public.

Tough Location Allowance – I, II or III

The three location sections that are represented by the Tough Location Allowance are divided into a series of key categories. The first entails remote localities that may be too far to reach in most cases. The second is for tribal areas that might be poorer than others. The third is for those who are in poor climate areas and may struggle to grow foods or prepare all sorts of other assets for the public’s consumption.

Is the TLA Taxable or Not?

The TLA cannot work with the Special Duty Allowance. This comes as some staff members of many businesses in recent time have been aiming to get the allowance to be paid with the TLA. As a result, some taxes may be applied onto the TLA. The rate involved will vary based on the particular program a person is getting into at a given moment.

What About SDA Plans?

The TLA will not work with the Special Duty Allowance in the Northeast or Ladakh areas or on the Islands. The Central Government will allow employees in such cases to get access to SCRLA plans at particular rates that have been revised in accordance with certain standards as they are established. This helps with seeing that people can continue to qualify for certain benefits.


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Jul 052017

Risk and Hardship Matrix in 7th Pay Commission

As the new 7th pay commission will benefit more than 47 lakh in service central govt. employees all across the country. In addition to this, more than 53 lakh retired govt. employees will have their pensions revived under the new recommendations.

In addition to hike in the salary structures, structures of several allowances will also be modified, including the hardship allowance. The govt. provides extra allowance known as hardship allowance to all the employees who perform duty in high risk conditions and hazardous situations. This extra allowance is provided to the employees who push their physical and mental limit to perform dangerous operations and serve the country. Under the newly proposed risk and hardship matrix, some changes are brought which will be implemented from 1st July, 2017.

Risk and Hardship Matrix in 7th Pay Commission

Hardship allowance policy and calculation

On the basis of pay bands of the govt. employees, the hardship allowance is calculated. The rate of hardship allowance is calculated with the help of one hardship matrix. This provides a chart of the different rates of risk and hardship calculations which will be implemented such as low or medium or high, depending on the nature of job. The newly proposed risk and hardship matrix has two fields – Risk and Hardship, having parameters low, medium and high. The matrix is divided into nine cells with one extra cell in the top of the matrix which will be specific to Siachen Allowance only, which is provided to those defense personnel performing tuff duty at the Siachen Glacier.

  • RH-MAX will only be provided to those defense personnel deputed at Siachen Glacier. Jawans and JCOs (Below level 8) will get Rs. 21,000 per month as risk and hardship allowance. Where as senior officers above Level 9 will get Rs. 31,500 per month as Siachen Allowance.
  • This allowance was limited to Rs. 14,000 before 7th CPC which was very low compared to the risks involved in the service.
  • The rates of the risk and hardship allowances will get incremented after the Dearness allowance gets more than 50 %. Most of the hardship allowances has the fitment factor of 1.5 by this the allowance is calculated.

(Level >=9 – Rs. 31,500)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 21,000)


High Medium Low
Risk High R1H1

(Level >=9 – Rs. 25,000)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 17,300)



(Level >=9 – Rs. 16,900)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 9,700)



(Level >=9 – Rs. 5,300)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 4,100)


Medium R2H1

(Level >=9 – Rs. 16,900)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 9,700)



(Level >=9 – Rs. 10,500)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 6,000)



(Level >=9 – Rs. 3,400)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 2,700)


Low R3H1

(Level >=9 – Rs. 5,300)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 4,100)



(Level >=9 – Rs. 3,400)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 2,700)



(Level >=9 – Rs. 1,200)

(Level <=8 – Rs. 1,000)



Jul 052017

Siachen Soldiers Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

As per the latest news regarding the new pay commission, the govt. has finally cleared all the demands regarding the Siachen Allowance increment which will provide benefit as well as relief to thousands of soldiers in the Indian armed forces. Siachen is one of the highest and the most risky front where Indian Army has its presence. With harsh climatic conditions to survive, those who are posted in the Siachen Glacier are provided with a special allowance due to their hardship in performing duty. With the implementation of 7th pay commission from 1st July, 2017, the added allowance which is provided to the armed forces for performing duty at Siachen glacier will be raised.You can read here Army Pay Scale Allowance and Perks In 7th Pay Commission

Siachen Soldiers Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

Siachen Glacier Allowance

Siachen Glacier is the highest and harshest front where Indian Army serves throughout the year, defying all their physical and mental limits. History speaks that the Indian Army has lost numerous soldiers not because of enemy attack, but due to the harsh climatic conditions there. Before the recommendations of the new pay commission i.e. the 7th CPC, the soldiers serving in the Siachen Glacier used to get Rs. 14 thousand per month in addition to their existing salary as Siachen Glacier Allowance. This amount was quite low compared to the amount of physical and mental strain they suffered while on duty on those fronts. So the Central Govt. decided to revive this hardship allowance to motivate the armed forces.You can read here Risk Allowance Policy In 7th Pay Commission.

Siachen Soldiers Salary

The existing pay structures which the soldiers posted in Siachen Glacier are getting will be revised under the new 7th Pay Commission implementation. this will double the pay structures of the jawans as well as the officers posted in the sector. In accordance to the proposed hike in the salary structures of the govt. employees, the armed forces who are deputed to the Siachen Glacier will have their Basic as well as their Grade pay revised along with other allowances. The govt. has abolished some allowances which were being provided before, however some are kept unaltered like the Travelling Allowance. The Siachen Allowance has been hiked to benefit the defense personnel. You can read here Paramilitary Forces Salary In 7th Pay Commission

Siachen Hardship Allowance

Below are the approved structures of the Siachen Hardship Allowance which the govt. will provide with effect from 1st July, 2017 to those defense personnel who are deputed to the highest battle field of the country i.e. the Siachen Glacier. This hardship allowance will be added to the newly hiked salary under the 7th pay commission.

  • The Jawans and the JCOs who are below Level 8 were getting the Siachen hardship allowance of Rs. 14,000 per month along with their existing salary and other allowances.
  • With the new recommendations, this Siachen hardship allowance will become Rs. 30,000 a month. The proposed allowance under the 7th pay commission was Rs. 21,000 per month.
  • Previously as per the 7th pay commission recommendation, the service officers who are serve at Level 9 and above would be getting a monthly allowance of Rs. 21,000. this has been increased to Rs. 42,500 per month.You can read here Hardship Allowance Matrix In 7th Pay Commission.


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Jun 292017

SDO SDM Pay Scale Salary Pay Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission 

Sub Division Officers or SDOs are one of the senior posts in the central and state government. The posts are much similar to Indian Administrative Service officers. The pay scale is also much similar for these two posts. Like IAS officers to become an SDO one has to appear for the entrance examination under Indian government and has to clear all the rounds of examinations before getting recruited under central government.

SDO SDM Pay Scale Salary Pay Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

The basic pay scale for the SDO falls under the pay band 2. The entry level salary for the SDO starts from Rs. 15, 600/- and can be reached to 39, 100/- plus grade pay and allowances. SDOs are recruited under IAS officers and take the responsibility of inspecting, supervising, testing and finally hearing the trials and cases.

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SDO Salary

An SDO receives average salary of Rs. 23, 640/- per month excluding allowances and grades. It is an entry level salary for the newly recruited officer. After adding up the allowances and perks the salary is Rs. 51, 378/- per month for an entry level officer.

More senior post draws much higher salary. The senior posts like Bureaucrats receive total salary of Rs. 1, 80, 780/- per month which is almost doubled from the SDO or SDM officers.

 SDO Pay scale State wise

  • SDO officers receive different salaries in different states. The officers do not fall under different pay bands but the entry level salaries are different in different states.
  • Sometimes the salary depends on the location and area like if the officer is recruited in hardship area then the salary is expected to be higher than other states.
  • The grade pay is different in different states. That is why the total pay scale differs from one state to other for the SDO officers.

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SDO Allowances and perks

  • Dearness allowances: 65% of basic pay scale is being provided to the SDO officers as Dearness allowances. If the basic pay is Rs. 23, 640/-, then the DA will be Rs. 15, 366/- per month.
  • Travel Allowances: For an entry level SDO officer the Travel Allowances will be Rs. 5800/- per month.
  • House Rent Allowances: Those who are recruited out of home town are being provided the HRA or house rent allowances. They draw HRA of 30% of the basic salary. In this case Rs. 7000/- is the HRA amount per month.
  • Pension: after retirement the SDO will get pension and other facilities like DA, Medical Allowances and such.
  • Medical Allowances: SDOs get medical allowances as well. Also if there is any dependant like parents or wife or children get MA of the dependants as well.

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MRO Pay Scale Salary Allowance And Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

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May 202017

MRO Pay Scale Salary Allowance And Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

The Telangana government has come up with a step in order to fulfill the vacancy that is found in the post of Deputy MRO. Therefore to have the candidates who are capable of that particular post, the government is planning to release the advertisements in which they are indicating the qualification and the number of candidates that they are looking for this particular post.

MRO Pay Scale Salary Allowance And Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

MRO Pay scale, Salary and Grade Pay

As per the declaration the employee working for the transport section is expecting to have 3 pay bands and with it the entry level for them will be around Rs 15600 per month and it will neither include any grade pay, perks nor and allowances. Sometimes it may vary up to Rs 50000 per month based on the designation that the officer is holding.

MRO State wise salary

Sl. no State name Pay scale / salary Grade pay
1 Uttar Pradesh Rs 15600 to Rs 39100 Rs 3600
2 Maharashtra Rs 14800 to Rs 34000 Rs 3600
3 Karnataka Rs 28100 to Rs 50100 Rs 3600
4 Jammu and Kashmir Rs 55000 (approx) Rs 3600
5 Andhra Pradesh Rs 25500 to Rs 49500 Rs 3600

 MRO Perks and allowances

Here are some of the perks and allowances that a government employee can expect from the government and it is as per the 7th pay commission so these are as follows:

  • As per the instruction associated suggested by the 7th pay commission states that the central government employee will get 113% of the basic pay scale and it can be said as the dearness allowances.
  • The experienced government employee will receive house rent allowances and it will be based on the basic entry level salary.
  • The candidates will also have the medical allowances and it will also be depending upon the basic pay salary. The medical allowances include family members like wife, old parents and kids.
  • The allowances for travel are also allotted for the government employee and on every ten years they are allowed to go for a tour with the family members.
  • After the retirement the employees are offered with the pension. Apart from pension they are also offered with the gratuity and other retirement facilities like the medical allowances, medical etc.
  • The several other perks like the vehicles, phone bills, hardship allowances are also provided based on the performance of employees work.

With such opportunity numbers of people who are jobless and willing have the have better opportunity are getting the right job and therefore people in this particular state is enjoying the opportunity that they are getting from the government. Thereby it leads to the development of the state.


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Ddo pay scale salary allowance matrix after 7th pay commission

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Mar 072017

ddo pay scale Salary Allowance Matrix after 7th pay Commission

The central government employees are expected to have the higher amount of pay commission after the 7th pay commission. The sudden increase in the pay commission is because of the demonetization made by the government. The finalization of higher of amount salary was decided by the government for the employees belong to the central government as well as the railway and state government employees.
But this has been delayed because of the changes in the cash of rupees 500 and 1000 rupees notes. On this occasion the finance minister Arun Jaitley is expected to declare the 7th pay commission for the session of 2017 to 2018. The plan was for the 48 lakh employees and 52 lakh pensioners but because of the shortage in the cash, the government has planned to delay the declaration and the declaration would take place soon.

 Revised pay structure

The pay structure has been revised and as per the revised pay structure the basic pay has been increased to a factor of 2.57 which rounded to the closest value of the rupees. The basic pay is set up with the application of the matrix. The application includes multiplication in which the grade is equally distributed. The figure that is adjusted for setting up the matrix is adjusted in order to adjust it to the identical figures. The same amount should be paid to the cell which is being applicable at that level. The same amount of pay should be fixed and the fixation should be immediate to the next level that is next higher level. Thus the application makes it to the pay matrix of the applicable level.


The allowances that are provided for the by this particular structure and these allowances are listed in the points given below:

  • The allowances that are allotted for the employee are having been raised to certain amount and thereby the people can have better expenditure with their hike in salary.
  • The allowances also include the allowances for the house rent and thereby people can have better living facilities with proper living space.
  • The allowances also add the medical facilities and because of such facilities people serving for the government have better medical services.
  • Several pension allowances are also provided to the government employee and thereby they can easily have the salary even after their retirement.
  • The phone bills, vehicle cost, allowances for education are also served for the benefits of the government employee and all these are included within the 7th pay commission.

The thought has helped the government to have better support from the employees as the financial support will allow them to have their desire fulfilled. It will also help the nation to have better development with the performance that the employees will be providing with the invreased in their

Salary The overall development in the field of finance will rapidly increase leading to better development within the nation.


The employee’s salary account of Telangana Government will be linked with their parent’s account

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Feb 252017

The employee’s salary account of Telangana Government will be linked with their parent’s account

India is famous of the living habits of the people since the people of India are pretty strong on their cultural and on following the social ethics set by the ancient people. However, in recent years the codes of ethics followed by the ancestor are in the verge of being destroyed due to practice of western mode of cultural amount the modern people. Especially the practice of not being a caretaker of the parents and so, on accounting those issues some states have proposed a new rules for its state government employees on providing better care for their parents. Recently the telangana state government introduced a new scheme by which state government employees will be forced to provide financial care to their parents.

New Rule Introduced by the Telangana State Government

Telangana the newly formed state currently ruling by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and the state has been ruled by the party leader Mr. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao. On witnessing the worries faced the elder people in the state, the CM of Telangana has introduced a new scheme by the salary bank accounts of the employees will be linked with the bank accounts owned by the respective parents.

By doing so, the elderly people would feel security in terms of finance, the salary received by their children can be withdrawn from their bank accounts. The scheme will create a situation that the elder people would be provided proper care by their respective children.

Reason behind the establishment of this scheme

  • In recent time, the state government has received several complaints regarding the negligence of the elderly people by their own children due to the age factor. To provide better care to those affected elderly people and to prevent elderly people to face such incident in future this new scheme has been introduced by the state CM.
  • According to the recent reports, around 100 cases has been filed in the state by the elderly people with the reason of not getting proper by their children, and some cases quoted that they are been thrown out of the family.
  • Apart from this scheme, the state CM Mr. Rao is on consultation with the higher officials on providing monthly allowances to the women who are living single at the older age.
  • In addition to that, the government is planning to take severe action against the employees who are found as the culprits to those registered cases.
  • It is expected that the state government will deduct certain amounts from the employee’s salary and will transfer that amount to the parent’s account, who are abandoned by their own children.
  • The main reason for the elder people suffers is because that all the schemes offered by the state government for the older people are not provided since their children are government employees. However, when their own children abandoned them it’s really hard for them to survive.

It’s not the first time, nation is experiencing such problem earlier the state government of Assam issues a severe warning for its state government for not providing proper care to their parents during their old ages. Now the state government of Telangana follows the same footprints of the Assam state government.


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Income tax slab changes 2017-18 for Male Female Senior Citizen

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Feb 202017

Income tax slab changes 2017-18 for Male Female Senior Citizen

After the Union Budget for Financial Year 2017-18 was out, common people are seemed to be happier than anyone else. With the 50% income tax reduction for the lower income group the ordinary people are cheering for the Achche Din (good Days). On the other senior citizens also get reduction in tax rates. This has also made them smile. It seems that the Union Budget this year was dedicated to the weaker group of the economy.

New Income Tax Structure

  • According to new tax structure those who are earning up to Rs. 2, 50, 000/- per year will not be fallen under any income tax slab. Their income will be tax-free.
  • The first slab of Income tax is between income of Rs. 2.5 Lac and Rs. 5 Lac per annum. People who fall within this slab will need to pay tax at the rate of 5% of total gross annual income.
  • People who earn more than Rs 5,00,000/- per year but less than Rs 10,00,000/- annually, will have to bear the tax rate of 20% which is same as the previous year. There is no change in this slab.
  • People who earn more than Rs. 10,00,000/- per annum will have to bear tax rate of 30% of their total gross income. This rate also remains same as the previous budget. Only the lower slab rate has reduced.
  • As a whole by calculation we can say that total of Rs. 12, 500/- will be saved per year for a person. On the other according to Section 87A people who fall under the income slab Rs. 2.5 Lakh to Rs. 3.5 Lakh per annum, there will be rebate of Rs. 2500/- that is up to Rs. 3, 00,000/- there will be no tax for the people.

New Income Tax Structure for the Senior Citizens

People who are aged between 60 years and 80 years are considered to be the senior citizen in India. Unlike previous year the tax rates are revised for the senior citizens as well. According to the Union Budget 2017-18 the rates are as follows:

  • Tax Rate to be paid up to Rs. 3 Lac per annum for the senior citizen is nil. People will not be required to pay up to this income as tax. This provision is same as before.
  • Senior citizens who earn more than Rs. 3 Lac and less than Rs. 5 Lac per annum will be liable to pay tax rate at 5% of total gross income in a year. The rate was 10% in the previous budget.
  • Senior citizens who earn more than Rs. 5 Lac but less than Rs. 10 Lac annually will have to pay 20% of their total income per year. This tax slab remains the same as before.
  • People earning more than Rs. 10 Lac in a year will have to pay 30% of the total gross income in a year as their income tax. This rate is also same as previous union budget structure.

New Income Tax Structure for the Super Senior Citizens

People who are aged above 80 years are considered as Super Senior Citizen in India. The tax slab for the Super Senior Citizen is as follows:

  • Income up to Rs. 5 Lac will be fallen under no tax. Up to this amount people will not be required to pay any income tax annually. If the income falls between 5 Lac to 6 Lac then the person needs to pay income tax.
  • The second slab is considered from Rs. 6 Lac to Rs. 10 Lac per annum. But the 20% tax rate is levied above Rs. 5 Lac per annum. This tax rate has not changed this year.
  • The last slab is annual income above Rs. 10 Lac. People with such income will have to bear tax rate of 30% of the total gross annual income.


  1. Bhutan Compensatory Allowance BCA
  2. Voluntary Retirement Scheme Central Government Employees VRS

Bhutan Compensatory Allowance BCA

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Feb 192017

Bhutan Compensatory Allowance BCA

The allowance is given to Defense force’s team members of India, which are posted at Bhutan. There has been some issue of depreciation and to keep things clear, notices were issued.

The depreciation was applied on the facilities like mess charges and canteen facilities. There have been reports stating the Government’s decision regarding the way postings of officers are treated. At Bhutan, it is demanded, it should be taken as normal foreign posting, the way it would be treated for any other country.

The rebates given and services provided are all revised from time to time. But, for Bhutan, revisions were made in the year 2013 last.

The briefcase allowance

There are certain categories/ grades of officers, to which, the central government gives reimbursements on the expenses made on official bags/ladies purses/ briefcases. There is an upper limit for each grade. The key highlight of this allowance is, the officers get it only once in three years.

The commission committee believes that the current rates are good. But! The upper limit of the amount may get increased. This increase is considered to be directly proportional to increase in Dearness allowance.  Former may increase by 25% if the latter increases by 50%.

Children Education Allowance (CEA)

This allowance is given to officers so that they may look after education of their children. The expenses may be considered in terms of school and hostel fees. If a child is differently able, allowances are different in such cases.

In terms of revisions and the demands thereafter, it has been claimed that the reimbursements should be made for graduation and post-graduation levels as well. The committee has received multiple applications for consideration of the same.

Concession for education

This concession is given in the form of reimbursements to the children of missing/ killed/ handicapped while on duty officers. In this tuition and hostel fees is fully reimbursed. As an additional provision, expenses on books, stationary, uniform and clothing are reimbursed as well.

This allowance in not proportional to dearness allowance, it is independent.

Dearness allowance

This allowance is paid to the central government employees. This is granted by the central government to protect the salaries of its employees from erosion. This is directly proportional to the inflation rates.

Currently, as per the reports, there has been no demand for the alteration of the law for dearness allowance.


Some key highlights of the country are mentioned below:-

  • Belonging to Asian continent, it is the second largest Himalayan state, located at the eastern part. Its capital is Thimpu
  • Towards its south, it shares its borders with India and towards its North, China is the neighbor.
  • The population here is seventh largest in the world and Indian defense officers are posted here

There are several allowances which are timely increased and some are kept the same. It is totally up to the discretion of the Government, whether to increase an allowance or no.


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