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Jan 142017

Mobile App For Defense Pensioner

Pension for those in defense is quite the thing that is looked forward to. There are a lot of queries related to pension all the time. It was a long impending requirement of the government to launch an app for the same. However the technology was not as high defined as it is now. Taking advantage of the times, the government has brought out a new app for the pensioners in the defense department.

Mobile App For Defense Pensioner Key Features 

  • The app which has been launched is known as “Defense Pension Info” and at present it can be downloaded on Android phones only. It will be launched for iOS shortly in future.
  • So one can just go to Google PlayStore and avail the app from this place. The mobile app will provide all payment disbursement related information to all those who download it.
  • If you are a defense pensioner and you have a certain query, you can download this app on your phone and keep a check on your credits and debits.
  • Pensioners who draw their pension from the banks as well as from the DPDO will both be given information across this portal itself.
  • If you didn’t know this, then the government already had a website to answer all your queries and to give you information and keep you in the know how about your pension. The website was The app will provide the same information that you can see on this site.

The defense has also requested that if you are reading this then please help spread the information to your ex-colleagues and your other defense personnel that you know of. It is also encouraged for all organizations to give wide publicity to the stakeholders.

What kinds of details are currently shown?

Will the app be of any use to you? To know this you must know what details are being currently given under this app to the users.

So once you download the app, you will have to login using your DPDO and providing your HO number. The HO number is the same that was assigned to you by the DPDO. Once the number and the ID has been entered you will be able to access the following details on the app –

  • Pension history: This will probably be under the “pension details” section. The history of all the payments made for your pension will be shown under this section.
  • Pension slip: The payment receipt of the government or the slip for the reception of pension is shown here. You can also download the same on your mobile phone.
  • Arrears, grievances and Know your pension (Suvigya) are other features of the app. You can also check the changes in pension under a different section.


Jan 102017

RTO Pay Scale Salary Allowance Perks In 7th Pay Commission

RTO stands for Regional Transport Officer. The Regional Transport department or authority takes care of the vehicles across the nation India. The department works under the Central Government of India. The officers under this authority get their salary and benefits as other central government employees get. The authority is responsible for the activities like issuing driving licence, supervising the mobility of the vehicles, clearing pollution test, inspection of vehicle’s insurance and so on. The pay scale of the RTO is different in different states. The average pay scale of the Regional Transport Officers lies under Pay Band 3.

RTO Pay Scale

  • As mentioned in the above section that the pay band of the RTO officers lies under Pay Band 3, the average monthly income of the regional transport officer at entry level is Rs. 15600/- per month excluding the grade pay, perks and allowances.
  • Sometimes based on the states and position the pay scale can raise up to Rs. 50, 000/- per month or more for the designation of the regional transport officer. the pay scale depends on the area the officer is located to.

RTO State wise Salary

Sl. No. State Name Pay scale / Salary Grade Pay
1. Uttar Pradesh Rs. 15600/- to Rs. 39100/- Rs. 3600/-
2. Maharashtra Rs. 14800/- to Rs. 34000/-
3. Karnataka Rs. 28100/- to Rs. 50100/-
4. Jammu & Kashmir Rs. 55000/- (approx)
5. Andhra Pradesh Rs. 25500/- to Rs. 49500/-

Apart from these states there are other states as well that offer different pay scale for the RTO officers. On the other RTO inspectors get less salary than the RTO officers in different states.

RTO Perks and Allowances

  • DA: As per the 7th pay commission report every central government employee will get 113% of their basic pay scale as their Dearness Allowances.
  • HRA: RTO officers get house rent allowances based on their basic entry level salary. An experienced RTO officer sometimes gets quarter in government premises if the candidate gets located in different city. In that case they don’t get HRA.
  • MA: medical allowances like medicines, treatment cost, surgery costs are also paid to the officers. If there is any dependent of the candidate then also they get medical allowances for the dependents as well such as wife, old parents and kids.
  • Travel allowances: RTOs get travel allowances as well depending on their basic pay. As per the central government rule in every 10 years the RTO can go on a foreign tour.
  • Pension: after retirement RTOs get pension, gratuity and other retirement facilities like DA, medical allowances etc.
  • Others: other perks like hardship allowances, vehicles, phone bills and others.


Jan 062017

BDO Pay Scale Salary Allowance Perks Pay Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Block Development Officers are the supervisors of the rural area developments. BDOs are being appointed to take the responsibility of the taxation process, salary of the employees a panchayet and other district level employees, rural or district development, implementation of the schemes in the rural areas, record maintenance and much more in any district. Candidates are required to seat for an entrance examination to become a Block Development Officer. Any graduate student or appeared for final year graduation from any stream can seat for the entrance examination for the post of block development officer. In this article the pay scale of a BDO will be discussed in brief.


BDO Pay Scale

Block Development Officers are recruited in different states. The pay scale for each officer is different in different cities or locations. Mostly BDOs recruited in hardship areas are paid little extra than the BDOs placed in comparatively normal areas.

  • The minimum pay scale starts from Rs. 9300/- for the BDO in district level. The highest pay scale for a BDO can go up to Rs. 34, 800/- per month excluding grade pay and perks.
  • The high amount of pay scale is made to the experienced officers. The fresher officers on the other get paid much lower than Rs. 34, 800/-. On an average a BDO gets salary of Rs. 10, 790/- to Rs. 18, 000/- per month.

BDO State wise Salary

As mentioned that Block Development Officers get paid differently in different states. Though the pay band is same for all the officers i.e. PB 2. The salary revolves around Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34800/-. The Grade Pay and the paid salary are quite different in different states. The state wise salary of the BDO is as follows:

Sl. No. State Pay scale / Salary Grade Pay
1. Assam Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 35000/- Rs. 4700/-
2. Uttar Pradesh Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34800/- Rs. 4600/-
3. Madhya Pradesh Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34800/- Rs. 3600/-
4. West Bengal Rs. 9000/- to Rs. 40500/- Rs. 4700/-

BDO Perks and Allowances

  • DA: Dearness allowances are being paid to the BDOs as per the 7th pay commission report. The 113% of the basic pay of the officers are being paid as DA.
  • HRA: House Rent Allowances are another fixed allowances that are paid to the BDOs of any level.
  • MA: Medical allowances are also an important part of the allowances and perks paid to the BDOs.
  • Pension: after retirement BDOs get pension and other facilities.
  • Other perks: vehicle, phone bills, quarters, education allowances are being paid to the BDOs in different states.
  • Hardship allowances: BDOs are being paid hardship allowances as well.


  1. UPTET Pay Scale Salary Matrix After 7th pay Commission
  2. Lekhpal Salary Pay Scale Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission
Dec 302016

uptet pay scale | uptet Teacher | uptet Primary Teacher SalaryAfter 7th pay Commission

UP is one of the greatest states of India. The pay band of the Up assistant teacher is 9300 to 34800. The grade pay of the assistant teacher is four thousand two hundred so the basic salary of an assistant teacher is thirteen thousand five hundred. Dearness allowances are allowed for the teacher. In rural areas their House rent allowances will fixed, which is six hundred seventy. So the gross salary of an assistant teacher is twenty seven thousand Six hundred seventy. General interest change deduction is eighty seven rupees. As per salary after deduction and without any incentive the basic salary, which is the hand pay of an assistant teacher is twenty seven thousand five hundred eighty there. This pay is payable when you are getting appointment as an assistant teacher. During the training periods the teachers are provided with the stipends. In Uttar Pradesh pay scale the stipend of an assistant teacher is seven thousand three hundred.

Uttar Pradesh government decided to change their pay scale based on the area. They thought that, when a teacher belongs from City area or metropolitan area their HRA should different from the teacher, who are belongs from rural areas. In the City area HRA will be twenty percent of basic salary and the Metro area HRA will be thirty percent of the basic salary.

Like every state Uttar Pradesh government organized the teacher eligibility test. At first the candidates, who are willing to this Job can applying for this post. This recruitment will completed by the two steps. One is written test another is Interview.  Then the eligible candidates will select. After joining as an assistant teacher they can get this salary, which is mentioned in this pay scale.

Seventh pay commission pay scale

After seventh pay commission every employee want to searching their final salary. Showing this salary every employee became happy. Government approved 23.57% over all salary increment for Central government employee with up to fifteen percent in basic salary and sixty seven percent in another allowances. But as per seventh pay commission the teacher pay scale take a revolution. This pay scale is applicable all over the county. This scale became high. Every teacher is satisfied to get this salary. In UP when in the sixth pay commission the pay scale was 9300 to 34800, but after seventh pay commission declared the pay scale, which is Rs 35400.

Quick  glance

ABOUT UP teacher pay scale
BASIC Rs 13500
HRA Rs 670 (Rural Area), 20% of Basic  Salary (City Area) and 30% basic salary (Metropolitan Area)


PAY BAND Rs 9300 to Rs 34800 (6Th commission) Rs 35400 (7th commission)


Dec 282016

LMRC Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission  

Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation is developed in order to implement the task that regards to the development of metro Rail projects. According to the statistics a total amount of rupees one thousand two hundred crore has been invested for the upliftment of the Metro Rails. The north South Part of it is already competed and cost up to rupees six thousand and eight hundred eighty crores. The state government is responsible for it and it includes construction and operational work in the underground portion of the City. The city was prevalent of the Metro service till today but the advancement in life has tempted the government to come with such plans that could effective for the people to travel across the city.

LMRC Pay Scale

The post one employees are provided with an amount of Rs 20,600 to 46,600, the post two employees are paid Rs 13,500 to 25,200, the salary for the post three, seven, eight is provided within the range of Rs 10,170 to 18,500 where as the for the post of four and six the salary is ranging in between Rs 13,500 to 25,520 and for the post of nine, ten and eleven the salary is in between Rs 8000 to 14140. The grade allowance is depicted in the table given below:

Basic Pay Scale Extent up to Post
Rs.  20,600               Rs 46,600  First
Rs.  13,500               Rs 25,200 Second
Rs.  10,170               Rs 18,500 Three, Seven, and Eight
Rs. 13,500               Rs 25,520 Four and six
Rs. 8000               Rs 14140 Nine, Ten, and Eleven

The employment is basically for the full time no part time or other types of employment are available. The people who ever is selected based on their performances will have to shift to Lucknow to peruse the job.

Post wise Salary

Sl. No. Post Salary
1 Deputy General Manager 29100/- – 54500/-
2 Assistant Manager 24900/- – 50500/-
3 Senior Supervisor 18500/- – 35600/-
4 SSE 18500/- – 35600/-
5 Accounts 10170/- – 18500/-
6 Station controller 13500/- – 25500/-
7 Junior Engineer 10170/- – 18500/-


  • Basic Allowances such as Dearness Allowances, Transportation Allowances, House Rent Allowances, Medical Allowances and Other allowances are being provided to the employees.
  • Hardship allowances, night duty allowances, educational allowances for the kids and such are given to the special employees.


The pay scale has provided opportunity to number of people across the nation. It is also balancing the employment opportunities and thereby the rate of unemployment has reduced to certain percentage and it has been beneficial for the nation as well as country’s infrastructure.


Lekhpal Salary Pay Scale Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

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Dec 222016

Lekhpal Salary Pay Scale Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

Lekhpal is one of the valuable designations of Uttar Pradesh state. Lekhpal is a post which helps the people to earn money depends on their work. This post helps them to get better satisfaction.  When people are seeking for a good job lekhpal is the suitable job for every person. Every people want to make his career as a lekhpal, because it is very good job of UP. The main role of the chief of a lekhpal is to conserve the documents of property and mange to keep the information about the property. Apart from these, they work other responsible works in concern to public welfare. It is treated as clerical work. The head office of the lekhpal was Aalam Bagh, Lucknow.

Some rules and regulation should know before applying this post. These rules are given below

  • For applying this post, candidates who are interested must have higher secondary degree from a reputed Board.
  • No need of any experience for this post. Fresher are eligible for this post.
  • The age of the candidate is maximum thirty five years and minimum eighteen years.
  • After applying this post candidates are selected through the written test and interview.

Lekhpal pay scale

After the recruitment process, selected candidates will draw proper amount of salary of Rs five thousand two hundred to twenty thousand two hundred and the grade pay is Rs two thousand per month from the organization, who are related for recruitments. This salary will change time to time by the different Government. Some government will change the salary depending on the work. If a candidate will highly experienced and he knows the details about this work. According to his performance salary will be high.

Seventh pay commission

In twenty eighth February two thousand fourteen, India Government appointed the central pay commission. Government appointed Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur as a chairman, the secretary of this pay commission was smt .Meena Agarwal, Shri Vivek Rae appointed as a full time member and Dr. Ratin Roy was a part time member.

7th Pay commission increased salary slab pay hike

The 7th pay commission salary slab suggests that the pay commission will rise to 30% for the employees under pay band recognized by the government. The table will help you to understand the details about the increase in pay commission and is listed as follows:

SALARY SLAB (PAY BAND)             6TH CPC (Rs)                   7TH CPC (Rs)
1 S – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8   5200 – 20200    15,000 – 60,000
2 S – 9,10,11,12,13,14,15   9300 – 34800    30,000 – 1,00,000
3 S – 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23  15,600 – 39,100    50,000 – 1,50,000
4 S – 24,25,26,27,28,29,30  37,400 – 67,000    1,00,000 – 2,00,000


Forest Guard Van Rakshak Salary Pay Scale Matrix Allowance

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Dec 192016

Forest Guard Salary Pay Scale Matrix & Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

Rajasthan forest department declare that candidates can apply for the post of forest guard. This notification only introduced by the improvement of the environment of the forest. In November two thousand sixteen Van Rakshak bharti post will published. Interesting people can apply for this post through online. Online registration of this post will started from December two thousand sixteen and the date of the submission is the end of the December.

One thousand four hundred seventy three persons are available for this post. In this post thirty percent posts will be available for female candidates. Apart from this, some posts are reserve for schedule cast and schedule tribe candidates and other backward class.

Forest Guard Pay scale

The pay scale of this post is 5200-20200 and grade pay is Rs 2800. This pay scale decision was made by the department of forestry for the benefits of the employees who are involved with the duty and serving for the betterment of nation and providing better protection to the forest.

Forest Guard Salary

Government declares that the salary of a forest guard will be five thousand two hundred to twenty thousand two hundred and the grade pay will be Rs two thousand eight hundred. Candidates, who are selected will appointed for two years, which will their probationary period. When their probationary period will completed candidates will treated as a permanent employee. During the probationary period of a forest guard their salary will fixed, which seven thousand eighty per month is.

Forest Guard State Wise Salary Grade Pay & Pay Scale

Maharashtra 1800/- 5200/- to 20200/-
Uttar Pradesh 2000/- 5200/- to 20200/-
Gujarat 2000/- 5200/- to 20200/-
Karnataka 11600/- to 21000/-
Tamil Nadu 1900/- 5200/- to 20200/-
Kerala 5200/- to 20200/-
Madhya Pradesh 1800/- 5200/- to 20200/-
 Uttarakhand  1900/- 5200/- to 20200/-

Forest Guard Allowances

  • For this scheme forest department decided to take some allowances for the employees. In 01.12.2016 dearness allowances will be one hundred ninety nine percent of basic salary which is 5200
  • Transport allowances was 3200, HRA was 10 percent of basic salary which accounted to be 19459 as the monthly gross salary.
  • The entire structure remains same but based on the basic the gross monthly income varies. So it is calculated through the calculator introduced by the pay commission.

Forest Guard Pay scale after 7th pays commission’

The government has allowed the forest department to have the better pay commission facilities but after the 7th pay commission there are certain implementations and these implementations are in such way that the employees who are involved to such professions are provided with a pay commission calculator and using the calculator the employees of different state could access the pay scale based on the grades.


Stenographer Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance in 7th pay commission

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Dec 152016

Stenographer Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance in 7th pay commission

The stenographers are the main assistants of the ministers and ministry departments. People who work under central government or state government as stenographers are responsible for the jobs such as speech writing, public relations, assistant to the ministers and / or officers and finally press conference briefing. Stenographers fall under the pay band 1 and 2. The pay band depends on the grade of the stenographers. If the person is working as Grade C then it will be pay band 1 and for Grade D it is Pay Band 2.

Stenographer Salary

An entry level stenographer’s salary starts from Rs. 5200/- per month excluding allowances. As mentioned that the salary or the pay scale depends on the Grade of the stenographer, the minimum salary for a Grade C stenographer is Rs. 5200/- per month.

The higher Grade stenographers draw the minimum entry level salary of Rs. 9300/- per month excluding the allowances and grade pay. There are other grades like X and Y is also there and the salary is different on the basis of their job profile.

Stenographer Grade wise Salary

Grades Pay Band Pay Scale Grade Pay
C PB – 2 Rs. 9300/- – Rs. 34800/- Rs. 4200/-
D PB – 1 Rs. 5200/- – Rs. 20200/- Rs. 2400/-

The Group D stenographers are divided in two categories, one if Grade X and another one is Grade Y. The X stenographers are posted in Delhi under the central government ministry. The Y stenographers are posted in any location across the country under the central government ministry.

Stenographer Allowances

House Rent Allowances: The stenographer can be posted in any area and any location across the nation. If they are not provided governmental premises or quarters to stay during his / her service then the candidate will be given HRA on monthly basis.

Dearness Allowances: Dearness Allowances are one of the basic allowances that are provided to all the state and central government employees. 113% of the basic pay scale is being offered to the employee per month as DA.

Transport Allowances: The TA is also given to the stenographers depending on the basic pay scale they have currently. The TA is higher for the Grade C stenographers and comparatively low for the Grade D officers.

Stenographer Pay Scale after 7th Pay Commission

After 7th pay commission report the pay scale has been increased by 23.56% for the central and state government employee. The Grade pay has been removed in some of the sectors. The DA and other allowances are said to be increased but the report is yet to be finalized. The finance minister said the report will be out soon.


Permanent Commission To Women

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Dec 132016

Permanent Commission To Women

What is permanent commission?

Permanent commission is a grant that is being given to the female officers in various sectors like navy, army, etc. the idea is that the female employees under these forces do not get the same salary as their male counterparts do. Hence to raise their living standards and to bring women at par with men under these departments, the raises are being given.

What is the main objective?

Through this grant, the government is trying to achieve a very deep agenda. Earlier the Prime Minister had announced that it would uplift the condition of women in the country. This is one of the agendas that are being addressed under this new rule.

Another issue is that of gender disproportionate ratios. The government sectors have men and women in a disproportionate ratio. In order to encourage women to join these wings, the government is giving them grants.

Court on Permission commission

  • In the Naval sector, the women were not enjoying pays that equaled to men’s. The Delhi High Court gave a strict judgment that any sort of “sexist bias” would not be allowed to hinder the growth of women in these sectors of society.
  • There were a bunch of writ petitions that had moved the court. The Divisional bench also said that women are “here to stay”. They mentioned that since women work with men equally at all grounds, their pays should also reflect their hard work.
  • The court was very clear in mentioning that it would “frown upon” any kind of “restrain” on the progress of women. This is why this verdict was drawn.

What led to this decision?

For a long time the women in the Navy suffered with low wages. They were also devoid of a lot of benefits. Unlike men, who enjoyed both permanent commission and short commission, women only had tenure of 14 years (short commission).

This is why they were not eligible for any sort of pension also since one needed to be of service for at least 20 years to be able to get pensions.

The women who are both working and retired had filed petitions from educational, logistics and air traffic department. Their plea was finally heard when this decision was passed.

They argued that women were forced non short commission because of which they were missing out pension after giving 14 years to their life to Navy.

Final verdict

The court had asked the naval office to take a stand. They have issued the rights to all departments asking to look into the ease of implementation of the new commission grants.

Serial no. About Info
1 Women granted 336
2 IAF officials granted 10177
3 Granted on 01.12.2016



Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation MMRC Pilot Pay Scale Salary Allowance Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

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Dec 092016

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation MMRC Pilot Pay Scale Salary Allowance Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Mumbai Metro Corporation has a large number of employees in different departments. Each department contains posts like general managers, secretaries, engineers, finance officers, development officers, computer operators and stenographer and so on. These are some of the posts that Mumbai Metro Corporation has. There are diverse pay scale for different posts and departments. There are 4 pay bands in total. Lower grade officers fall under the pay band 1, the pay scale at that band is Rs. 5, 200/- to Rs. 20, 200/-. The pay band 2 has the pay scale of Rs. 9, 300/- – Rs. 34, 800/-, pay band 3 has pay scale Rs. 15, 600/- – Rs. 39, 100/- and finally the pay band 4 has pay scale of Rs. 34, 000/- to Rs. 67000/- per month. The managers and general managers draw salary of Rs. 75, 000/- that is apex category of pay scale.

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation MMRC Pilot Pay Scale Salary Allowance Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Mumbai Metro Corporation Position-wise Salary

Sl. No. Posts Pay Scale
1. Peon Rs. 6090/- – Rs. 9300/-
2. Driver, computer operator, junior Assistant Rs. 8000/- – Rs. 14, 100/-
3. Assistant, stenographer Rs. 10, 170/- – Rs. 18, 500/-
4. Personal Secretary, Community Development Assistant Rs. 13, 500/- – Rs. 25, 520/-
5. Office assistant Rs. 14, 000/- – Rs. 26, 950/-
6. Assistant Manager (finance, environment), deputy engineer (electrical, environment) Rs. 20, 600/- – Rs. 46, 500/-
7. Assistant General Manager (finance, HR, PR< Environment)

Executive engineer (Civil)

Deputy engineer (Civil)

Community Development Officer

Rs. 29, 100/- – Rs. 54, 500/-
8. Deputy Chief Finance Officer, Company Secretary Rs. 32, 900/- – Rs. 58, 000/-
9. Transportation Planner, Town Planner Rs. 52, 933/-
10. Deputy General Manager (civil, electrical, mechanical) Rs. 60, 000/-
11. General Manager (civil, electrical, mechanical, signalling, telecom, stations, depots) Rs. 75, 000/-

Mumbai Metro Corporation Allowances

Mumbai Metro Corporation employees receive the monthly allowances as per the central government employees. The allowances and the perks for the employees vary as per the designation and the posts. The apex category designations such as General Manager, Deputy General Managers get the highest allowances and perks. On the other the lower grade officers like engineers and assistants get lower allowances on monthly basis. The basic allowances for the employees are:

  • Dearness allowances: DA is common for all the employees from lower to higher grade. The rate of DA is 113% as per the guideline of the pay commission.
  • Travel Allowances: travel or transportation allowances are the ones that are given to the employees for travelling from one place to another. It varies from posts to post. The apex officers get international travel facility as well.
  • House rent allowances: Those who get the railway quarters or flats don’t get house rent allowances in hand. Those who are not entitled to the metro property for living receive a percentage of the basic a salary as HRA.
  • Medical Allowances: Medical expenses, treatment costs, medicine expenses and other medical benefits are being provided to the employees under Mumbai Metro Corporation.
  • Others: running allowances, education allowances for specific officers, hardship allowances, night duty allowances are also being provided to different employees as per their job profile.
  • Pension/Gratuity: After retirement the employees will get pension and other benefits as the employees enjoy during the services.



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