Odisha Government To implement 7th Pay commission Recommendations


Odisha Government To implement 7th Pay commission Recommendations

When it comes to the 7th pay commission recommendations, the government has been moving pretty slowly. However, it was the Odisha government that has first set up its committee to make the recommendations a reality.

On October 28th, the government of Odisha announced that they are implementing the recommendations of the 7th pay commission and they are going to have a panel set up for it.

There has been a lot of buzz about the 7th pay commission and earlier this year it was recommended that there be a hike of 23.5% in it. We saw that many government employees went on strike to make the pay hike even larger.

For this purpose the head of the union also had a meeting with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley during which he said that the pay hikes will be approved. But to make the hikes final, the recommendations of the 7th pay commission will have to be implemented first. This is the step Odisha is taking at present.

The 7th CPC was supposed to be implemented from January 1st this year.

The implementation

As we know already, there is going to be a committee that will look into the recommendations. This is the following things that you can expect to happen from that –

  • The committee would decide what the suitable payment per grade is and also the committee would check whether these are beyond or under the recommendations that are provided.
  • The committee is also going to review the allowances and the other inclusions within the salaries that the employees are going to avail from the government. If necessary, changes will be made in this category too.
  • The committee which will consist of 6 members will be giving a revision in the pay scale which will be kept at par with the central recommendations.
  • The pay hike will not only benefit the current employees but also the pensioners who are at present dependent upon the government.

Change of rules in 7th CPC

After the 7th CPC there has been a lot of buzz about its implementation. There have been several anomalies that have been arising from the pay commission recommendations. This is why the DoPT has asked to call a meeting (which was supposed to be held in October) to make the changes necessary.

All the departments of the central government have been asked to look into the payments according to this. The departments of the officials and the staff side both will be called for a meeting to mutilate the discrepancies that have been arising out of this.

The Odisha government has right now sat to look into the recommendations that will further enhance the growth of the state. Soon the recommendations will be implemented without the anomalies that have been discussed. Several government employees will be benefitted from this.

Serial No. Data Information
1 No. of pensioners that will be benefitted Over 3 lakh
2 No. of employees to reap the benefits Over 4 lakh
3 Amount that will require pay revision per annum Rs 5500 crore
4 Amount state government dishes out to its employees & pensioners at present Rs. 29836
5 The 7th pay commission is headed by Justice A K Mathur