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Uniform Allowance Rules Eligibility & Taxation Exemption for Nurse & Central Govt. Under 7th Pay Commission 

Uniform allowance is a special kind of allowance given to the employees who are ordered to wear a prescribed dress at the time of their work. Any employee can avail this allowance if he/she is ordered to maintain a certain dress code. The nurses in hospital or the front-desk staffs in hotel can avail this allowance. This allowance is paid to the employees in addition to their salary as they will require more money to buy their prescribed uniform. This allowance will be paid to the employees as a part of their salary.

Uniform Allowance Rules Eligibility Taxation Exemption

Definition of Uniform Allowance

Uniform means an identical type of dress worn by the employees of an organization. Some of the central government staff is ordered to maintain a certain dress code. The employees are obliged to spend more money for maintaining their dress code. Thus the government provides them with Uniform Allowance so that the employees don’t need to spend on their uniform. This allowance is paid to the employees as a part of their salary.

Uniform Allowance Rules and Eligibility

  • This allowance is only given to the employees who are doing government jobs.
  • This allowance is only given to those who are prescribed to maintain a certain dress code.
  • The office goers of a company can’t avail this allowance as they have no certain dress code.
  • All the employees maintaining a certain dress code can avail the benefits of this allowance.
  • This allowance will be paid as a part of salary and no extra amount of money would be given for this.
  • This allowance is exempt from tax.
  • This allowance is only given to the employees so they can purchase their certain uniform to wear it at the time of their duty.
  • This uniform is covered under the category of special allowances for government employees.

Uniform Allowance for Nurse

The nurses of a hospital have to maintain a prescribed dress code. The nurses have to buy their required uniform and their salary is not adequate to make extra purchases that too for maintaining a rule set by the employer. So, the nurses of a hospital are provided an addition to their salary for buying their uniform. This allowance gives the nurses to purchase their clothes and dismiss their extra cost.

The uniform allowance for nurses has increased over the years. Below is a table to show the rate of allowance in different years.

Year Uniform Allowance for Nurses
2008 Rs. 6, 000
2010 Rs. 6, 500
2011 Rs. 7, 500
2014 Rs. 9, 000

Uniform Allowance for Central Government Employees

The employees who have to wear a certain dress are given uniform allowance. This allowance is applicable to the employees of Police and Military. This allowance is also given to the nurses of hospital and the employees of fire service.

Uniform Allowance Exemption

Uniform Allowance is exempt from tax to the level of expenses incurred for official requirements. The employees who enjoy the benefits of Uniform Allowance will not need to pay any income tax on this as it is exempt from tax.

Uniform Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

  • The 7th Pay Commission has recommended that Uniform Allowance should be brought under Dress Allowance Category
  • The amount of allowance is recommended to be paid in July by the Pay Commission.
  • Special Dresses does not fall under this category as per 7th Pay Commission.
  • The rate of Uniform allowance must be increased 25% every time the dearness allowance is increased 50%.
  • The commission has recommended that Officers of the Defense section should be given the highest priority while providing the allowance.

Although the Pay Commission has recommended certain things, but the ministry may increase the Uniform Allowance for staffs of other categories such as Staff car drivers and Trackmen.

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