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Apr 252016

Army Pay Scale Slip Pension General, Lieutenant general, Major general, Brigadier, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant Under 7th Pay Commission 

It cannot be denied that there were a lot of controversies related to the pay scale of Indian Army after the 7th pay commission. In this article we are going to cover the complete details regarding their pay scale. As we are aware that the 7th pay commission has restructured the pay scale format of the Indian army we shall sow you the current pay scale that incorporates all the allowances which are applicable for the defense personnel. In the memorandum stated by Defense personnel it was clear that the Defense services needs to stand fair among the comparison with what is being provided to Civil services, or else the Defense services shall deny their legitimate share of action.

Army Pay Scale Slip Pension General, Lieutenant general, Major general, Brigadier, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant

  • The factors for pay scale of Army personnel

The pay levels have been distinguished in the pay matrix separately for both the Defense and Civil services and the Commission has taken up a complete different approach by merging the grade pay and also the pay bands within different pay levels. A stipend of Rs 21000 shall be provided to all the candidates every month and this comprises of the pay band of Rs 15600 and a grade pay of Rs 5400. With the successful completion of training, the candidates are offered the rank of Lt and they are entitled to get the same pay. The promotion from Lieutenant to the post of Lieutenant Colonel depends on a certain time basis. It is also based on a certain selection procedure that is subject to the completion of certain service conditions.

  • The implementation of new pay system

But there are also considerations of the above mentioned pay scale. The grade pay system shall be abolished and in place of it, there will be the inclusion of 15 new scales that will be built. In these scales, the government shall pay dearness allowance, the house rent and also the travelling allowance with other facilities. According to the new reports, the 33 years retirement formula is already active and apart from that the employees on the retirement gratuity shall be offered with half of the sixteen months salary. After the services, employees are entitled to the full pension.

The increment within pay scale for military personnel is 15-20% and also there have been announcements for the increment of basic pay, which will now be 15000 INR. Within the next two months, it will be finalized by the salary commission.

  • The pay scale of Army and Defense personnel

Rank Pay scale Grade Pay Remarks
Lieutenant PB-3/15600-39100 5400 On commission
Major PB-3/15600-39100 6100 After completion of 2 years
Captain PB-3/15600-39100 6600 After the completion of 6 years
LT Colonel PB-4/37400-67000 8000 After the completion of 13 years
Colonel PB-4/37400-67000 8700
Brigadier PB-4/37400-67000 8900
Major General PB-4/37400-67000 10000
  • The allowances offered to Army officers

Allowances To whom it may concern Rates
Hard area allowance Officers who are posted in hard areas 6750/- every month (25% of the overall basic pay)
High Altitude or Uncongenial climate Officers who are posted in High Altitude climate and uncongenial climate 11200-14000 per month
Siachen Officers posted in Siachen borders Same
High Active field area Offers who are posted in high active field areas 6780-4200/- per month
Field area allowance for modified field Officers who are transferred or posted to certain modified field locations 1600/- PM
Flying parachute pay Officers who are posted as Aviators of Army 9000-1200/- PM
Special Forces Allowance Officers who are posted in special forces 9000/- per month
Transport Allowance All officers Rs 3200/- along with DA for the A1 cities and Rs 1600/- along with DA for any other locations
House rent Allowance For those officers who are not offered with government accommodation 10-30% of the basic pay
Kit Main Allowance All the officers 400/- Per month

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