Registrar And Assistant registrar Pay Scale after 7th Pay Commission

Registrar And  Assistant registrar Pay Scale after 7th pay commission

The judicial staffs of this nation are involved mainly with the work and formalities of the Supreme Court and the high court. These people are mainly involved with the judicial duties. The panel includes the one from the honorable chief justice to the junior court attendant. All the people are under the staff that is handling the judicial departments.

The pay scale of these people is very essential as they are the employee that is handling the rules and regulation of the country so they should not be neglected when the salary scale is decided. The juniors has the lowest salary where as the seniors are withdrawing higher salary. But apart from the salary these people are enjoying the grade pay over the basic pay.

post wise salary

Post Salary Grade pay
Chief JusticeRs 1 lakhRs 20000
HC JudgesRs 80000Rs 12000
SC JudgesRs 90000Rs 15000
RegistrarRs 67000 – 79000Annual increment 3%
Additional RegistrarRs 37400 – Rs 67000Rs 10000
Assistant registrarRs 15600 – Rs 39100Rs 7600
Deputy registrarRs 37400 – Rs 67000Rs 8700
Court masterRs 15600 – Rs 39100Rs 6600
Senior court attendant Rs 5200 – Rs 20200Rs 2400
Junior court AttendantRs 5200 – Rs 20200Rs 2000
Senior court assistantRs 15600 – Rs 39100Rs 5400
Junior court assistantRs 9300 – Rs 34800Rs 4200

Pay scale of the staffs

Here are list of pay scale which can help you get better knowledge about the pay scale and these discussions is depicted in the points given below:

  • The judicial staffs are allotted with different pay scales and among these pay scales the lowest pay band is for the junior as well as the senior court attendants.
  • The second pay band includes the higher officials and among these higher officials, the court assistants especially the one are junior fall within such band.
  • In the third pay band the people who are accustomed with the posts like the assistant registrars and court master.
  • In the fourth pay band the people who are in senior posts like the additional registrar and the registrar as they are holding some of important posts in the judicial department.
  • In the fifth pay band you can expect the honorable chief justice of both the supreme as well as the high court and the judges of the supreme and high court.

With the use of pay band policies one can easily differentiate the category of the people working in the judicial department. So with the salary hike the government is actually enforcing them to perform better and thereby the nation’s rules and regulation could be maintained.