Assistant Station Master Grade Pay | Assistant Station Master Pay Scale Salary| Assistant Station Master Allowance |Assistant Station Master Facility Under 7th Pay Scale

Assistant Station Master Grade Pay | Assistant Station Master Pay Scale Salary| Assistant Station Master Allowance |Assistant Station Master  Facility Under 7th Pay Scale

Indian Railways is the one of the largest public sectors in the world. Every year there are large numbers of recruitments occur in several posts and ranks under Railway department. Assistant Station Master is one such important post in the Indian Railway department. The ASM is recruited to track and record the train timings and such. They draw a handsome basic pay and grade pay as they play a crucial role in the department. This year after 7th Pay Commission ASM’s salary have been raised. Not the basic pay but the grade pay has been hiked after the the 7th CPC.

 Assistant Station Master Grade Pay Scale Allowance Facility

  • Assistant Station Master Pay Scale Salary

An assistant station master is looking after the running trains and their timings. They work under the station masters who are the subordinate of the station superintendents. The ASMs generally operate the train signal and timings. They also make sure that the operation of trains remain smooth and hassle free. One station can have multiple ASMs, depends on the size of the station.

The pay scale of an entry level Assistant Station Master is Rs. 5200/-. Pay scale of the ASM might be raised to the amount Rs. 20, 200/- per month. This amount includes basic pay and grade pay as well.

  • Assistant Station Master Basic Pay and Grade Pay

As mentioned that the role of an assistant station master is no doubt important so the basic entry level pay is higher for them as well. On an average an assistant station master draws Rs. 11, 360/- per month including the grade pay.

  • The basic pay an assistant station master draws is Rs. 8560/- per month on an average. The entry level ASMs receives Rs. 5200/- per month as basic pay.
  • The grade pay is fixed for all the assistant station masters, whether entry level or experienced. The amount of grade pay paid to the ASM is Rs. 2800/- as per the 6th pay commission.


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  • Assistant Station Master Allowances

The ASM not only receives a high pay scale but also enjoys some more allowances during his / her services. As people know the public sectors provide two major allowances to their employees i.e., House Rent Allowances and Transport Allowances. The assistant station master also enjoys these two allowances in his service.

In case of house rent allowances if the ASM gets a railway quarter to live in with his family then he does not receive the HRA. On the other, if the ASM is not enjoying railway housing quarter then he or she can receive the HRA from the Railway department. Transport allowances are the mandatory for all the assistants whether received a quarter or not.

  • Assistant Station Master Facilities

Other than these two allowances mentioned above, an assistant gets a facility of pension after retirement. Like other posts in the Indian Railways 10% from an ASM’s salary is being deducted for the future pension purposes. After retirement there will be lifetime pension for the ASM and after his death his wide will get the pension amount.

Facilities like railway quarters and medical treatment can also be enjoyed by the Assistant Station Master in his service span.


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  • Assistant Station Master Benefit under the 7th Pay Commission

Under 7th pay commission the pay scale of the assistant station master has raised due to rise in the amount of the grade pay paid to them. Currently an assistant station master receives grade pay of Rs. 2800/-. According to the demands the grade pay must be raised to Rs. 4200/-. As the survey says, only 7% of the total railways employees in this section receives this much grade pay. The remaining 53% are receiving Rs. 4200/- and the rest 40% receives Rs. 4600/- as grade pay.

It has also been said that the role of the assistant and the station master is almost the same. So there might be a chance of abolishing the post of ASM. The authority has decided to raise the grade pay of the ASMs from Rs. 2800/- to Rs. 4200/- after the 7th pay commission. As of now the other facilities and allowances will not be changed and will be retained as per the 6th pay commission.

  • Assistant Station Master pay scale – quick glance

FAQs Answers
Post Assistant Station Master
Pay Scale Rs. 5200/- to Rs. 20, 200/-
Basic Pay (avr.) Rs. 8560/-
Grade Pay Rs. 2800/-
Allowances HRA, Transport Allowances
Facilities Pension
Benefits under 7th CPC Grade pay hike from 2800/- to 4200/- per month

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