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Aug 132018

Delhi Govt. Field Surveyor Hiring 2018 Vacancies [Apply Online ]

The Planning Department under Delhi government has planned for the recruitment for 7000 Field Surveyor Jobs. Application for the same has been invited by the department and candidates are allowed to apply for the post online. Field Surveyor Hiring 2018 is going presently, and candidates can apply for the same for the 7000 opportunities created. They have to visit the link, and the advertisement information states that retired teachers, graduates, retired government officials, civil defense volunteers who are selected to work as field surveyor on a short note who would work for the collection of household details.

Candidates selected will have to carry out the task of collecting and updating the household details in Delhi. The data that the candidates will have to collect would be based on socio-economic keys in field of Health, Employment, Income, Education, Socio-economic vulnerability and others. This task of collecting data would be accomplished during October-November in 2018.

The data would be based on real-life information and it would be collected by the Directorate of E Economics & Statistics. The candidates interested to apply for the post can apply via the online mode before 31st August 2018.

Procedure for online application

To apply for Delhi Govt. Field Surveyor jobs, the following steps should be taken.

  • First, the candidate has to visit the official website
  • From the homepage, the candidate has to click on ‘apply online’ link under ‘latest update’ section.
  • Following this, the candidate has to click on the ‘Online Application link.’ Soon the application form for 2018 for Delhi Field Surveyor jobs would appear.

However, the candidate has to fill all the required details of the application form and click on submit to complete the application form. Following this, the candidates would receive a confirmation email in their submitted email ID, and they should preserve the same for further future usage. In the application form, the candidate will have to fill in the required space and ensure that the information provided is correct. It includes their email address, date of birth and others.

Eligibility to apply for Surveyor Jobs

For the eligibility criteria required for applying for Field Surveyor jobs, the followings conditions need to be fulfilled.

  • The candidates should have a minimum qualification of graduation apply for the post.
  • The candidates should have a smartphone which is required for the filling of e-Schedule.
  • It is necessary that the candidates should have typing speed in English in the mobile application.

The selected candidates would get Rs.25 to fill for the entries for their family member, and they will also have to include common information of the family in e-schedule. The field surveyor can collect data for 50-60 individuals a day. In this way, on an average, the candidate can collect approximately Rs.1250 to Rs.1500 a day. In order to download the advertisement, you can link on Delhi Field Surveyor Advertisement. Therefore, the payment would be made to the candidates after the completion of the assigned task.

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Aug 062018

New CPSE Employees Pension Scheme for 1.5 lakh Wage Workers

The detailed consultation has made the Ministry of Steel decide on the final agreement and bring a new Pension Scheme for the wage workers. As the name suggests, the CPSE Employees Pension Scheme CPSE Employees Pension Scheme is effective for executives and non-executives from January 1 (2007) and January 1 (2012) respectively. The consultation of officers associations and unions of the employees were included in the agreement. The scheme is operative for the ones who belong to the steel industry like FSNL, MSTC, RINL, SAIL, KIOCL, and MECON. The Union Minister of Steel, Chaudhary Birender Singh, has made the announcement on July 17, 2018.

CPSE Employees Pension Scheme for 1.5 lakh Wage Worker

Launch Details of the CPSE Employees Pension Scheme

The launch details of the CPSE Employees Pension Scheme have been given below in a table format.

Name of the Scheme CPSE Employees Pension Scheme
Set to Launch in Steel Ministry, New Delhi
Announced by Chaudhary Birender Singh
Date of Announcement July 17, 2018
Tentative implementation Shortly
Target beneficiaries 1.5 lakh Wage Workers

 Key Features of the CPSE Employees Pension Scheme

After a long-standing demand from multiple CPSEs employees, the Ministry of Steel has decided to introduce the new pension scheme for the wage workers in the industry. While Steel Ministry has just announced to launch the scheme shortly, CPSE Employees Pension Scheme’s prerequisite features and highlights are already known in brief. Below-offered are the points.

  • Beneficial for serving and retired employees – The Steel CPSE Employees Pension will be of immense benefits to the serving as well as retired employees of 94,000 and 56,000 respectively. The financial burden will also be improved with a total of Rs. 45 crore every month, after the scheme gets official.
  • Factors dependent on the Steel CPSE Employees Pension– The pension scheme, as discussed with Birender Singh, indicates that it’ll subject to the factors such as the paying capacity, affordability, as well as sustainability. In addition to this, this pension scheme will not come with the inclusion of any support from the government budget.
  • Depend on the Cost and the Profit – The CPSE’s boards will apparently make a decision about the contribution per year. The decided amount will have a direct impact on the cost of the entire employee of CPSE as well as the profit too. In addition to this, it will have 30% upper ceiling of the total superannuation benefits.
  • Road Map Implementation – Each CPSE management will be responsible for the framing of every detail. Besides this, it will also be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the roadmap.
  • Various issues discussed – With the discussion of the multiple problems, the new Pension Scheme is touted to be a part of the provident fund, medical benefits, superannuation benefits, as well as a gratuity.

The CPSE employees have already been provided with other benefits by the Steel Ministry like NMDC and MOIL, and these were launched earlier. As of now, while the announcement of the new CPSE Employees Pension Scheme has already been made, it is still ahead of its launch date that is expected to happen shortly.

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Punjab One Rank Up Promotion Scheme

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Jul 162018

Punjab One rank Up Promotion Scheme – Assured Career Progression of Police Personnel

The local state government of Punjab has announced to launch the new One Rank Up Promotional scheme for its officials working in the Punjab Police department. The new scheme is a type of career oriented scheme for its policeman in different designations. Under the new scheme, the state government has announced to offer promotions to the various individuals working as Head Constables, SI (Sub Inspectors), ASI (Assist. Sub Inspectors) to a higher designation or rank in the department.

Scheme Name Punjab One Rank Up Promotion Scheme
Launched by CM Amarinder Singh
Launch Place PRTC – Police Recruit Training Center
Targeted Individuals Individuals working in the State Police Department – for past 16, 24 and 30 years in the department
Scheme type Assured Career Progression Scheme

 Key Features

  • The main aim of the scheme is to offer with promotional offers to the police men and service personnel working in the Punjab Police force. As per the latest updates it is obvious that the state government will offer with convenience where promotions will be offered to different ranking personnel in the department who have been employed for fixed period of time.
  • Under the new scheme the government has announced to offer with one position higher to the Head Constable to the post of Assistant Inspector (ASI).
  • The government has also announced that the Assistant Inspector will now be promoted to the post of the Sub Inspector (SI) in the force. The provisions have also been made for promoting Sub inspector to the post of Inspector under the scheme.
  • As per the latest norms made by the local state government the promotions will be offered to any individual who has been serving in the force for a tenure of 16 years, 24 years and 30 years under various designations.
  • It is obvious that the scheme is focused on offering with improved career opportunities for the personnel who are working for the Punjab state police force.
  • The announcement of the new implementation scheme was officially announced by CM while attending the event at Hoshiarpur – Jahan Khelan (PRTC). The new scheme is also aimed in improving the conditions of the policeman such that more number of personnel will be promoted to higher ranking officials in the force.
  • The new provisions has been made by the Punjab state government with an aim to help motivate the local police form performing their duty much better and fight terrorism and other legal illegal issues in the state like drugs and terrorism.
  • Under the new implementations the CM had also addressed the gangsters to change their way and follow law or else they will be forced to face harsh consequences of the Punjab police. Under the new initiative the Cm had also announced to give away Uniforms and designations to over 14 promoted officials of the state. The new implementation has been made such that each of the policemen in the force will get an opportunity to retire only after becoming the ASI in the force.

As per the latest updates, the sum budget of Rs 5 crores has been announced by the Cm for implementation of the scheme that will be used for developing infrastructure. The sum of Rs 50 lakhs will be provided by the Discretionary grant for offering welfare to the family members of the police officers.

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J & K Govt. approves Bill to enhance legislators medical allowance, additional pension

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Apr 272018

J & K Govt. approves Bill to enhance legislators medical allowance, additional pension

A new initiative has been taken by the State government of Jammu and Kashmir. The initiative has been made in the form of amendments to the Pension Bills 2018 for State Legislature members. The initiative was officially taken after the recommendations were made by the state government in the Raj Bhavan.

Implementations details

As per the sources, the new amendments were officially announced by the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir state – N. N. Vohra. The announcements were made by the Governor on 6th April 2018 after approval from the cabinet and Raj Bhavan for amendments.

Key Features – (Amendments made)

  • As per the new recommendations, the Bill has been amended to offer the state’s ex-legislatures with much improved pension amount and allowances as compared to what was offered earlier.
  • As per the new recommendations it is obvious that the Bill has been passed that included the clause for enhancing the Medical allowances that are paid to the ex-legislatures of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Under the new recommendations that have been included in he new bill, the ex-legislatures would now onwards be paid a medical allowance amount equivalent to Rs 10,000 for every month. Earlier the ex-legislatures were offered with medical allowances of Rs 5000 monthly only.
  • Apart from this the new Bill also states it very clearly that the ex-legislatures will be offered with a pension amount as per the new amendments made in it, which will be equivalent to Rs 2000 every month. As per the earlier Bill the pension amounts paid was only equivalent to Rs 1000 monthly.
  • The state government has also stated that for above mentioned recommendations the state government will have to incur additional expense of Rs 30,86,000 annually for meeting the requirements of Pension amounts and Medical allowances.

The queries raised by the members at the Raj Bhavan only after the observations were made in the CAGs report submitted earlier. The reports highlighted the increased indebtedness of hundred percent in the state of Jammu and Kashmir as compared to last eight years.

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Higher financial limit (monthly Wages) for urban local bodies in Haryana

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Apr 172018

CM Manohar Lal Khattar announces higher financial limit (monthly Wages) for approving works in urban local bodies Haryana

The Chief Minister of Haryana has increased the financial limits for working approvals in Urban Local Bodies. That means, now higher financial limits will be available for any developmental works that will take place in Urban Local Bodies in the state of Haryana.

Launch Details

On Thursday, 5th of April 2018, the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar has made an announcement about the higher financial limits. He was attending the review meeting of Urban Local Bodies’ development process and work progress when he made that announcement.

Key Features

  • Objective: The main objective of the initiative is to develop the ULBs in the state. With the implementation of Smart Cities’ development and the competitive nature among the state for the same has made them take such decision.
  • Roads Repair: Khattar stated that the roads which are damaged due to several reasons in 163 sectors in Haryana must be repaired as soon as before the coming monsoon season.
  • E-tender for Hoardings: Khattar has directed that an online system will be started soon for the hoardings in several areas of the state. There will be e-tender for the vendors who will install the hoardings in cities.

Revised Financial Limits

  1. Wages: Wages of the contractual labours who work in sanitation construction will be able to get Rs. 11, 500/- now. Earlier times it was Rs. 8,100/- per work.
  2. Commissioner: The Commissioner of Municipal Corporation will have the power to permit developmental works that cost Rs. 1 Cr instead of earlier times when he could approve only Rs. 50 Lac projects.
  3. Municipal Corporation: Next, the projects that were cost Rs. 1 Cr earlier, the Municipal Corporation now will be able to approve such projects that cost up to Rs. 2.50 Cr.
  4. Director: Director of Municipal Corporation gets the power to permit projects up to Rs. 3 Cr above the Rs. 2.50 Cr. Earlier it was only Rs. 1 Cr.
  5. Others: Municipal Council would be able to approve projects up to Rs. 25 Lac instead of earlier times that allowed Rs. 10 Lac. On the other, Deputy Commissioner would be allowed to permit projects up to Rs. 1 Cr instead of Rs. 25 Lac.

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Delhi Chief Minister Pay Scale Salary Allowance Facilities

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Mar 162018

Delhi Chief Minister Pay Scale Salary Allowance Facilities

MP’s and CM’s in present time are drawing a salary that may be roughly equivalent to around INR 1.25 lakh on a monthly basis, which is considered to be tax free. The basic figures may vary from one state and constituency to another. Apart from this the figures for General Allowances paid will also vary accordingly on the basis of Constituencies.

For CM the general salary status would start from a minimum package of INR 1.25 Lakh Monthly + Allowances. With the implementation of the new Pay commission and budget for 2018-19, it was already expected that the demand was put forward for an increment of up to Rs 2 lakh monthly (In case of PM the monthly salary package offered is Rs 1.5 lakh including  allowances).

Basic Salary bifurcation for CM

  • In general, when speaking of salary break up it is obvious that CM of Delhi (or any other state) is offered with few other benefits which may include Basic Salary that is around Rs 20,000 monthly. As per the new CPC there were recommendations made for increment of up to Rs 50,000 monthly, but no news yet.
  • Some other allowances may also include Constituency Allowance that is minimum of Rs 18000 monthly, Conveyance Allowance of Rs 2000 on monthly for petrol expenses and Sumptuary allowance of Rs 4000 every month.
  • Apart from this the CM is also offered with an allowance of Rs 20,000 every month as Residential allowance (offered in terms of residence by the government), and daily expense allowance of Rs 1000. This amount is generally used to overcoming full days expenditure.
  • The CM of Delhi is also provided with electricity allowance of an exemption of 5000 Units on monthly basis. If the consumption exceeds this then it is obvious that he will have to meet the expense from his pocket. In case of travel CM can use an allowance of Rs 50000 on annual basis.
  • CM is also offered with full reimbursement for the Medical expenses along with office, research and secretarial allowance of Rs 30,000 on monthly basis. As per the latest updates it is obvious that as compared to the above mentioned figures, the general assembly has also passed a new bill for 400 percent salary hike (presently done for MLA).
  • CM is also offered with a salary allowance paid in the form of rentals for office and other work areas that is equivalent to Rs 25000 on monthly basis (as per updates a 400 percent hike bill has also been passed for MLAs in this respect).
  • As per the updates made by the sources it is obvious that in present assembly meeting some other demands have been put forward, for approval. Some of these demands include a further hike in basic from Rs 18000 to over Rs 50000 on monthly basis.
  • Apart from this the provisions were also made for increment for allowances offered for secretarial and other services from current Rs 30000 to over Rs 70000 on monthly basis.

As per the latest updates, some of the demands made in the new CPC for CM also include pension hike, along with additional pension benefits, which have yet not been passed. On an average if we speak of CM of Delhi average salary it would round up to INR 20000 monthly or Rs 240000 on annual basis.

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Huge jump in allowances for armed forces

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Dec 262017

Huge jump in allowances for armed forces

The government of India has shown its respect to the nation’s army jawans by increasing their allowances significantly. Living a soldier’s life isn’t that much easy as many think. These days, army jawans plays a vital role on fighting against the terrorism even though there has been a peace time going among the neighboring countries.

Recognition from Government of India

The great show of dignity and respect offered by the Indian army jawans enforce the government of India to double their allowances to all the jawans of the nation. However, the allowances rate will gets differ based upon the position or land which they serve.

The details of the allowances for Indian Jawans

For jawans who are serving their nation in siachen glacier which is well known as the highest battle-filed of the planet earth receives the highest increase in allowances when compared with all others. Similarly, the army officers and other category jawans who are serving their nation in other altitude too gets significant hike in their allowances.

  • Officers who are all serving in army forces in the siachen glacier will get allowance amount of Rs. 42.5K from the old scale of Rs.21K. Similarly, the JCO (junior commissioned Officers) and other category jawans will get the allowance hike from Rs. 14k to Rs. 15K.
  • Officers, JCO’s and jawans from other than siachen glacier get the new allowances as Rs. 25K, Rs. 17.3K and Rs.11.2K.  In addition to that, personal serving in the operational attack commandos gets Rs. 25k and JCO’s and their men’s get Rs. 17.3K.
  • Just like the army officers, the allowances for the submarine jawans of various posts gets significant hike to the flat of Rs. 25K from variable allowance scale. Similarly, the sailors of the submarine will get flat hike on their new allowances to Rs. 17.5K on monthly.
  • For army personal serving in the counter-insurgencies get the new hiked allowance in the notable amount. 16.9K for officer’s grade and Rs. 9.7K for JCOs and other men receives on monthly basis.

Allowances for maintaining Health

For army personal, there has been a separate allowance provided to maintain their health, to serve on deadly altitudes human requires a significant consumption of rum for that government of India offers special rum allowances to the serving men. Now, the rum allowances which ranges upon the serving altitude Rs. 240 to Rs.45 earlier has been increased to Rs. 360 to Rs.68.

Also, army men who are post-graduate will get the increased allowances Rs. 2.25K. For defence officers the allowances Rs. 20k and Rs.10K has been offered as dress allowances and polish allowances in order to stay neat and fit.

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Gallantry Award Allowance

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Nov 262017

Gallantry Award Allowance

Government has recently revised the rules for gallantry Awards Allowances for the widows. After repeated appeal by a late army man’s wife since 1972, the government has announced that the widow of a gallantry award receiver will get the allowances until her death. Unlike earlier times when it used to be stopped once the window remarries.

What is gallantry award allowance?

Gallantry Award Allowance is a monetary allowance that is given to the recipients or widows of late gallantry award receivers. Army officers, Navy Officers or any other person who serves the country can receive Gallantry awards for their extra ordinary contribution in serving the nation. Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra and Vir Chakra are the three most prestigious Gallantry Awards in India.

Widowers of those officers who have lost their life in serving the nation and received gallantry awards for their extra ordinary contribution towards the country get Gallantry Award Allowances after their husband’s death.

Rules for Gallantry Award Allowance

According to the rule of Indian Government, the recipients will get allowances until his death and after his death his widower will continue to receive the Gallantry Award Allowances until she gets married again. Once she remarries the allowances will stop. Only the rule does not apply to those women who marry their late husband’s brother. In such cases the women will continue to receive the same ever after remarriage.

New Rules

Against the existing rules by the central government, a woman who was widower of an Army Man has appealed several times since 1972. In that very year she lost her husband after few months of marital life. After two years of her husband’s death she remarried to another Army Officer. As soon as she got married the allowances got stopped. She appealed for it several times so that the rule gets changed.

Though the rules on allowances and other benefits keep changing frequently but this rule has never changed. In a recent time the central government finally gave a nod to the new rule that says the widow will keep receiving the allowances until her death. It does not matter whether she remarries or not. Also the condition of remarries to husband’s brother has been removed as well.


On 16th November 2017, the Ministry of Defence has published the official letter where they announced about the revised rules. As per the new rule the recipient who is alive will receive the allowances. After his death his widow who is legally married to the recipient will continue to receive the same until her death. There is no other condition on that.


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MSRTC ( Pay Scale Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

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Nov 092017

MSRTC ( Pay Scale Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) has new job openings for interested candidates for fiscal year 2017. Interested candidates can collect information related to all job positions via their official website Any candidate who wishes to apply for related job can fill in information using the online job application form on the website.

MSRTC Pay Scale Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

Presently there are job positions available for engineers, clerks, supervisors and assistants posts. You can gather more details related to salary structure and other job benefits from the web portal.

The corporation offers its employees with Basic salary along with PF / DA benefits. The benefits may vary depending on the job position in the organization. Apart from this, wage incentives, wage bonus and over time bonus are also calculated for the employees.

MSRTC employees Pay Scale

According to the revised pay scales – 2008 onwards till present date, the salary may vary depending on the category of employee / experience / nature of job.

  • Entry level for non promotional jobs – The pay scale for this category employee may start at the entry level from Rs 4350 onwards to around Rs 14225. This includes the basic scales where the employees are not offered with in job promotions for these positions.
  • Administrative – The basic pay scale for clerk / Junior / Entry level may start from RS 4880 to over Rs 15955. The basic is expected to grow at pre-decided rates on yearly basis for the employees.
  • Technical – at this level the general pay scale offered by msrtc may start from Rs 7660 and go up till Rs 25020 for Jr. engineer and Rs 25581 for Br. Engineer.

MSRTC employees engineer Pay Scale

  • MSRTC offers with different salary package at starting level for junior and senior engineers and technical persons. At technical level engineers the salary may range from Rs 7600 at the entry level and may go up to around Rs 25000 monthly for the employees along with other benefits of PF/DA/TA.
  • At the Branch engineer level the salary package may start from Rs 7800 to over Rs25.500 per month along with other salary benefits.
  • Under the new revised salary structure junior engineers have been offered with new increment of Rs 4600 to 6300 monthly.

MSRTC supervisor pay scale

  • According to revised salary Rs7600 to Rs 25020 is offered by MSRTC to assistant supervisors and stores supervisors.

MSRTC Driver and Conductor Pay Scale

  • The pay scale for both driver and conductors after the revised pay scales start from Rs 4700 to Rs 15367 and Rs 4350 to Rs 14225 per month depending on years of their service and seniority.

MSRTC Junior Assistant Pay scale

  • The pay scale offered to Junior assistant at msrtc ranges from Rs 4880 to over Rs 15955 at the entry and seniority levels. This structure has been stated after the revised pay scales.

MSRTC clerk Pay Scale

  • At seniority level the clerks are offered with salaries ranging from Rs 5750 per month to over Rs 18804 per month. The salary may vary depending on the nature of the job and position in the office at clerical level.

MSRTC employees pension

  • Employees are also entitled to receive pension benefits and retirement plans stated under the 7th pay scale commission.

Other benefits

Other benefits that are offered may include wage benefits, leave rules, calamity allowances, advance payments, facilities like free uniforms, rain coats and shoes.

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President and Vice-President Salary Pay Scale Allowance Pension

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Nov 082017

President and Vice-President Salary Pay Scale Allowance Pension 2018

The highest place, in the Indian governing system is that of the President. He is the head of the government but does not have any powers of changing the constitution of the country. He is closely assisted by the Vice- President of nation. Both the members are elected by the Members of the Parliament. As the posts rank the highest, it is obvious that they will get a lump sum amount as their remuneration. Here, you will get all details related to the salary and other perks that the President and the Vice-President of the country receives.

President and Vice-President Salary Pay Scale Allowanced Pension

Monthly Salary of President and Vice-President

The central government has passed a bill in the Upper House and that has brought about a huge increase in the monthly salary of both the President and the Vice- President. Starting from the year 2016, both the President and the Vice-President will draw Rs. 1.5 lakhs and Rs. 1.25 lakhs respectively, on a monthly basis.

Yearly Salary of President and Vice-President

Depending on the monthly salary, it is obvious that the President and the Vice-President get a handsome salary on a yearly basis. The annual remuneration that the President draws is no less than Rs. 18 lakhs. On the other hand, the Vice-President will draw a yearly remuneration of Rs. 15 lakhs.

Allowance, Perks and Other Benefits

Apart from the salary, both the Vice-President and the President have access to numerous allowances and perks as well. For instance, it is the responsibility of the central financial department to provide both the President and the Vice-President with an additional grant of Rs.60, 000. The amount will be given to the President and the Vice-President for the entire year. It will be used for meeting the expenses of the office.

When talking about the perks, they will get their own security and peon during the term. They will get a luxurious house and the cost of travel during their office tenure as well as the after retiring from the post. They will be given a mobile phone and the bill will be paid by the government. Apart from this, they will have access to free broadband and internet links.

In case the President passes away, his or her spouse will get the advantage of living in a house that comes with the full décor. The spouses will also continue to enjoy the services of security guards, associated staff members and peon. They will also get the benefits of using the official automobile, traveling services and telephone connection.

Pension Details of the President and Vice-President

  1. Once the President and the Vice-President finishes their tenure and leave the office, they will be entitled to get a handsome pension on a monthly basis.
  2. It has been highlighted in the bill that both the former Presidents and the former Vice-Presidents will be entitles to get a pension that is 50% of what their monthly salary was.
  3. Thus, any Former Presidents of the nation will draw a pension that amounts to Rs. 75,000
  4. In case of the former Vice-Presidents, the central government will provide them with a pension that amounts to Rs. 62, 500.

Supervision Department

The Finance Ministry of the country has the responsibility of making the payments of the salary and the pension to the current President and Vice-President and the former Presidents and Vice-Presidents as well.

Update in 2018

President, Vice President and Governor MP salary

This year Budget was an event for many Indians as well as the political industry. In his 5th Budget presentation Arun Jaitely has proposed 200% increase in income of the President of India, Vice President of India and the Governor of India. Monthly income of all the three members will be revised and will be applicable from 1st April 2018.

Salary of the President, Vice President and Governor

  • As per the Union Budget 2018 speech by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, the salary of the President will be Rs. 5 Lac per month from now onwards instead of Rs. 1.5 Lac. Vice President of the country will draw Rs. 4 Lac per month as salary instead of Rs. 1.25 Lac.
  • Finally the Governor of the nation would receive monthly salary of Rs. 3.5 Lac now. The proposal will require parliament’s approval which is yet to be given. Once the approval will come the salaries will be effective from 1st of April of FY 2018-19.

Early Story

Before this year, in 2009, President Smt. Pratibha Patil has given her nod to 300% hike in President’s salary. From Rs. 50,000/- per month to Rs. 1.5 Lac per month was recorded in Budget 2009. On the other the salary of Vice President was increased from Rs. 40,000/- per month to Rs. 1.25 Lac per month.


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