Nov 132015

Bihar Results may impact 7th Pay Commission

A mighty push it was to the idea of the ‘7th Pay commission’, the way things turned out in Bihar it was never ever expected, not by us but actually it wasn’t expected by the Modi & Team. As we all know how the tables turned when the joint union of several parties displayed dominance over all of Modi’s efforts and the B.J.P faced defeat in Bihar elections.

Bihar Results

After announcing their magnanimous victory in the Lok Sabha Elections, B.J.P. again started paving their way to set their thrones in Delhi and Bihar, but one after the other facing the defeats in Delhi and Bihar the government says that they paid a heavy price just because of the issues they were facing regarding the employee inflation.

Talking about Inflation in particular, it refers to the movement or change in price or the consumer price index. Yes! It is agreed that there was rigorous fluctuation in the price of the saleable commodities; regarding which many ministers had a view that how will they would be able to maintain their budget with the increasing prices. The government employees never wanted to merge the 50% D.A. with the income before the implementation of the 7th pay commission.

Also, a rumour which spread out loud and was nurtured by the media was that 7th pay commission was planning to set the withdrawal age of a government employee as 30 odd years of service, or around 60 whichever comes soon. These rumours are to be proved false, as per allowing the 7th pay commission. These rumours lead to severe insecurity amongst the employees which acted against the work order of the government.

Government will implement the required considerations to the 7th pay commission after the loan allotment in expenditure plan 2016-17. Also some selected spaces are left vacant for various states which as of now are due for polls by 2016. The 7th Pay Commission setup by the Central Govt., was required to submit its report. It is something devised as per to be used for revising the pay and allowances after every 10 years of the government employees with some due modifications by the state.

The commission has had discussions with various organizations and stakeholders and hence we may see the 7th Pay Commission coming into reality by 1st January,2016.

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