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TCS [Tata Consultancy Services] Pay Scale and Salary

TCS [Tata Consultancy Services] Salary For Freshers Tata Consultancy Services Limited, popularity known as the TCS is one of the well-known multinational companies that made its presence felt in the international Information Technology sector. TCS has its offices in around 46 countries. Natarajan Chandrasekaran is the Chairman of the organization, while plays the role of […]

Pharmacists In India Salary And Perks

Pharmacists In India Salary And Perks Earlier, the only place, where a pharmacist could get a job was at the drug store. With developments in health sector and medicine manufacturing industry, their career scope has increased significantly. Candidates who desire to work in this sector will have to prove their worth. The salary scale and […]

Credit Analysts Pay Scale Salary Allowance & Benefits

Credit Analysts Salary And Allowance The successful running of any organization depends on several aspects. As all companies operate with the final goal of making monetary profits, they must concentrate on financial accounting. In recent past, a number of changes have taken place in the financial arena. As companies expend, they require the assistance of […]

Chief And Deputy Election Commissioner [Electoral Officer] Salary Allowance Pension

Chief And Deputy Election Commissioner [Chief Electoral Officer] Salary And Allowance, Pension The Election Commission is a department that has been vested with powers by the Indian Constitution. The department is placed under the charge of the Chief Election Commissioners. He is assisted by the Deputy Chief Election Commissioner to discharge his duties. Election Commission […]

Ward Councillor Salary in India

Ward Councillor Salary in India And Allowance [Duties, Roles And Responsibilities] ward parshad ka kamai kya hain? Governing a huge nation like India is not an easy task. There are clear demarcations in the democratic framework. The state government has its organizations in the grassroots levels. It helps the ruling political party form reforms for […]

Maternity Leave Incentive Scheme

Maternity Leave Incentive Scheme To encourage the women employees in India (especially in the private sectors), the Labour Ministry has planned to refund the extended 26-week maternity leave law for seven weeks. The scheme is applicable to only those women workers whose salary is more than or equal to Rs. 15,000 per month. As far […]

MLA Salary, Pension, Allowance

Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) [Salary, Pay Scale, Pension And Allowance]  In States (Vidhayak ki salary kitni hoti hai) It is rather difficult to manage the political governance of a nation as big as India. So, political categorizations come in handy to manage the activities and offer good governance. At the state level, we have […]