Is The Central Government Going To Decide Retirement Age?

Is The Central Government Going To Decide Retirement Age?

Is not it hard to deem the idea of retirement age to be 58 instead of 60 modest? The news about changed retirement age has actually got spiced up around social media lately. People are outrageous and want to know what is going to happen next? Well, we are not sure till the government finally announces the verdict. For the time being you should know that we are waiting for 7th pay commission recommendations. The contradiction has arisen here as well.

Central Government Retirement Age

According to the news, now the retirement age is going to be brought 2 years down. It simply means, the people who were going to be retired at 60 are now going to be retired at 58. In addition, previously the retirement age was either 33 years of service or 60 years age, which is now, according to the most recent news recommended to be, brought down to either 30 years of service or 55 years age, whichever comes first. This has thrown people outrageous over the internet.

Important things to know about 7th pay commission

7th pay commission was formed in February, 2014. This intermittent commission makes recommendations to revise the salary structures of the employees and forwards these recommendations to the government. Since 1947, this commission was formed off and on to make revisions in the salary packages of the military and civil departments. Now after its formation, this commission is going to take 18 months to complete the revision plan and forward it to the government. These revisions are expected to be forwarded to the government by January 1st, 2016.

7th pay commission about the retirement age  

For the time being we are not sure if the news circulated on the internet is 100% true. But the rumor has it 7th pay commission is going to revise the retirement age as mentioned. To know the truth, the resources tried to contact the Federation. But no news could be got from them; they just told that any decision would only be taken if the people unanimously agree to it. Now we cannot say that it is just the social media spreading all the rumors.

In addition, our resources have told that decision of retirement age does not fall under the purview of the 7th pay commission. On the contrary, only the central government reserves the right to change the retirement age of the individuals.

When the question of retirement age and rumors about 7th pay commission were asked from the federation leaders that why do not they clear this confusion. They simply said that they do not want to pay any heed to the rumors. And this is the reason they have not spoken about this issue so far. According to the sources, they do not believe if 7th pay commission has forwarded any recommendations to change the retirement age. In addition, even if they had forwarded any such suggestions, they would not accept it –even if it is by the government.