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Aug 162016

Havildar Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

Havildar is one of the junior officer ranks in Indian defence sector. Every year there are 4 rounds of exams take place to recruit a number of Havildars in Indian defence. The age limit of the entry level Havildar is 20-15 years and the period of service is 26 years that means the retirement age of a Havildar is 49 years. Here in this article we will be discussing about the pay scale and the other benefits of the Havildar after 7th pay commission report.

Havildar Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Havildar Pay Scale under 7th Pay Commission

As per the 6th pay commission the basic pay scale of an entry level Havildar is Rs. 5200/- to Rs. 20, 200/- that is the rank falls under the pay band 1 in defence sector. After 7th pay commission the overall pay scale of pay band 1 has increased by 23.56% in all sectors including the defence sectors. After 7th pay commission the basic salary of the entry level Havildar is expected to be Rs. 6450/- per month.

Havildar Grade Pay under 7th Pay Commission

The grade pay under 6th pay commission for the Havildar was Rs. 2800/- per month along with the basic salary. According to the 7th pay commission recommendations the grade pay must be increased to Rs. 4200/- per month. But at the commission has denied doing so. As per the reports of the 7th pay commission, the grade pay of the Havildar has not changed. It still remains the same as Rs. 2800/- per month.

Havildar facilities under 7th Pay Commission

An entry level Havildar gets the basic facilities and allowances like other central government employees under pay band 1. The basic facilities include:

  • Dearness allowances which was initially payable at the rate of 107% of the basic salary and after 7th pay commission it will be 125% of the basic pay scale.
  • Travel allowances, medical facility and other perks has increased to 49% of the basic pay scale as per the latest reports of the 7th pay commission.
  • Havildars in Military division will get Rs. 2000/- per month as Military service pay along with Rs. 1400/- per month as Group ‘X’ pay. In case of Group ‘Y’ Havildars, no such group pay will be paid.
  • After 7th pay commission report the pension of the ex-servicemen has been increased. It has been declared that government will increase the pension of the ex-servicemen and consider it as the gift to them. Gratuity and other benefits after retirement will be same under 7th pay commission.
Havildar pay scale Under 6th CPC Under 7th CPC
Basic pay 5200 – 20,200/- 23.56% increase
Grade pay 2800/- 2800/-
Allowances DA, TA, medical benefits 49% increased

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