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Jun 142016

High Altitude Allowance Rules For Indian Army & ITBP
Under 7th Pay Commission 

High Altitude Allowance is an allowance which is given to the army forces operating in the High Altitude areas. The army officers working in the high attitude areas have to face a lot of hardship and thus this allowance is very important to them.

High Altitude Allowance Rules For Indian Army & ITBP

  • What is High Altitude Allowance?

High altitude allowance is a special and fixed kind of allowance which is given to the army forces. This allowance is given in addition to their salary to motivate them. This is an allowance related to risk and hardship. Mainly it is given to the Defence and CAPF personnel who risk their life in the high altitude areas.

  • Height Rules of High Altitude Allowance

All of the Defence and CAPF personnel don’t get the same amount of allowance. All the personnel don’t work in the same high altitude area. The heights are divided into three parts and they are called: CAT-I Areas, CAT-II Areas and CAT-III Areas.

  • CAT-I areas encompass areas between heights of 9,000 ft. to 15, 000 ft. and it also includes unfriendly areas under 9,000 ft.
  • CAT-II areas encompass areas which are above 15, 000 ft.
  • CAT-III areas encompass areas which have special uncongenial climate and these are certain specified areas.

These, height rules are followed while giving allowance.

  • High Altitude Allowance for Indian Army

The Indian Army grants various types of allowances to its soldiers and high altitude allowance is one of them and it is given in addition to their salary. Below there is a table to showcase the variation of the allowance according to the ranks of the army personnel and the areas they work on.

Designation Cat-I Areas Cat-II Areas Cat-III Areas
Lieutenant Col. & above 3180 4800 16800
Major 2790 4200 16800
Captain 1980 3000 16800
Lieutenant 1590 2400 16800
JCOs 1440 2160 11200
Havildar 1110 1680 11200
Sepoy 810 1200 11200
  • High Altitude Allowance for ITBP

The high altitude allowance for ITBP offers that the existing practice where the ITBP officers are posted in the outposts where they have to stay for 6 months at heights up to 18, 000 feet will be changed. The ITBP officers will not have to be in one of those outposts for more than three months.

  • High Altitude Allowance in 7th Pay Commission

The high altitude allowance for the army officers have increased under the 7th Pay Commission. The Junior Officers will be benefitted more compared to the senior officers according to the 7th Pay Commission.

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