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Aug 282016

Judicial Staff Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

The judicial staffs of the Supreme and High courts of India are those who have involved in law related duties. From the honourable Chief Justice to the Junior Court attendants, all are falling under the judicial staffs of the Supreme and High courts of India. Here in this article we will look into the pay scale of the different level judicial staff members. Briefly the junior staffs fall under lowest pay bands and of course the senior members fall under the higher pay bands with higher grade pay. They also enjoy some perks and allowances other than basic pay and grade pay.

Judicial Staff Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

Judicial Staff Pay Scale

Judicial Staffs fall under different pay bands. The lowest pay band that is PB 1 consists of posts like junior and senior court attendants. Their entry level pay scale is from Rs. 5200/- per month excluding grade pay to Rs. 20200/- per month.

The higher officers such as court assistants, especially junior ones fall under the second pay band that is PB-2. Under this pay band their entry level pay scale runs from Rs. 9300/- per month (lowest) to Rs. 34800/- (highest). Posts like Court master and assistant registrars can be found under the 3rd pay band. Under PB-3 the basic pay scale without grade or allowances is Rs. 15600/- to Rs. 39100/- per month.

Under PB-4 the basic salary starts from Rs. 37,400/- and grows up to Rs. 67000/- per month without the grade and allowances. Posts like Registrars and additional registrars fall under this pay band. Honourable Chief Justice of India draws Rs. 1 lakh per month and Supreme court and High Court Judges receive Rs. 90,000/- and Rs. 80,000/- per month respectively.

Judicial Staff Salary

As mentioned in the last paragraph, the basic salary of Judicial Staff starts from Rs. 5200/- per month. The junior level court attendants draw this amount at entry level. On the other, the senior posts draw basic salary of Rs. 15600/- per month at an entry level. The higher posts like Judges and Chief Justice of India receive basic salary of Rs. 80,000, 90,000/- and 1 lakh respectively. It is a fixed salary. All these basic salaries do not include grade pay or allowances received by the staffs.

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Judicial Staff Post Wide Salary

Post Salary Grade Pay
Chief Justice Rs. 1 Lakh Rs. 20, 000/-
SC Judges Rs. 90, 000/- Rs. 15, 000/-
HC Judges Rs. 80, 000/- Rs. 12, 000/-
Registrar Rs. 67,000 – 79, 000/- Annual increment 3%
Additional Registrar Rs. 37,400/- – Rs. 67, 000/- Rs. 10, 000/-
Deputy Registrar Rs. 37,400/- – Rs. 67, 000/- Rs. 8700/-
Assistant Registrar Rs. 15600/- – Rs. 39100/- Rs. 7600/-
Court Master Rs. 15600/- – Rs. 39100/- Rs. 6600/-
Senior Court Assistant Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100/- Rs. 5400/-
Junior Court Assistant Rs. 9300/- – Rs. 34800/- Rs. 4200/-
Senior Court Attendant Rs. 5200/- – Rs. 20200/- Rs. 2400/-
Junior Court Attendant Rs. 5200/- – Rs. 20200/- Rs. 2000/-

Judicial Staff Benefits under 7th Pay Commission

  • Under 7th Pay commission the basic salary of each staff has been increased by 23.56%. Though the recommendation by the association says the High Court judges claimed to draw higher pay than the honourable chief justice but it wasn’t considered in the 7th pay commission.
  • On the other after the 7th CPC report, the allowances such as dearness allowances have increased by 125%. Also some of the allowances like qualification and risk allowances are abolished and some of them are overlapped with others.
  • According to another recommendation, it was said that the association wanted equal pay scale for all the judicial staffs working under SC and HC courts. But eventually the commission has denied the recommendation.

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