7th Pay Commission In Haryana Latest News [Pay Scale (Salary), Allowance] | Hindi

7th Pay Commission In Haryana Latest News [Pay Scale (Salary), Allowance] Hindi

The state govt. of Haryana, unlike many other states, has decided to provide the facilities under the 7th pay commission to the employees under it. No other state in India has decided so early about providing the 7th pay commission benefits to its employees. The benefits of the pay commission will be applicable to all the state govt. employees working in the state of Haryana. Not only present employees, the pay commission benefits will be also enjoyed by the retired employees through hike in pensions. The benefits of this pay commission will be reflected with effect from 1st Jan, 2016 on the salaries of the employees in Haryana.

Latest News

As per latest reports the 7th pay commission benefits are already applicable for the employees of the state of Haryana. In 26th October, 2016, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of the state Shree Manohar Lal Khattar took a very important decision of reviving the state’s existing 6th pay commission and replacing it with the new pay commission. The pattern of pay hikes and benefits provided by the Haryana govt. in its 7th pay commission matches broadly with the pattern of pay commission benefits proposed in the centre for the 7th pay commission. At present all the presently working employees as well as retired employees are getting full benefits of the new pay commission with new salary slabs and service benefits. Disbursement of arrears which are pending after the implementation of 7th pay commission from 1st Jan, 2016 has already been started in the state.

Date of Implementation

The 7th pay commission benefits will be enjoyed by the state govt. employees from the beginning of the year 2016. This suggests that the date of implementation of the 7th pay commission in Haryana is 1st Jan, 2016 from which the incentives and benefits will be provided to the employees. This decision was taken around the end of October, 2016 by the CM of the state in the cabinet meeting. The Finance Minister of the state, Capt. Abhimanyu Singh also supported the CM’s decision to implement the 7th pay commission and bringing reforms in the existing pay slabs of the state level employees.

Committee for 7th pay commission in Haryana

A committee was by the finance Minister in Haryana to administer the developments in work in connection with the implementation of 7th pay commission in the state. As Haryana was the first state to implement the 7th pay commission, the committee had to carefully scrutinize all the recommendations which were received during the planning session. While formulating the final report of the 7th pay commission, the committee examined more than two hundred recommendations from various sources.

Revised Pay Scale/ Salary  | DA  | Pension | Arrears

Below are some of the salient features of the 7th pay commission implemented in the state of Haryana:

  • More than 2.5 lakh state govt. employees have got the direct benefit of the new pay commission which replaced the existing 6th pay commission in the state. This decision has also benefited more than 2.25 lakh retired pensioners who will get new pension slabs and retirement benefits as per the newly proposed 7th pay commission.
  • The minimum salary of a Group D employee of Haryana has been increased to Rs. 16,900. This was done by bringing up the grade pay to Rs. 1,650. The earlier pay grade of a Group D employee in the state was Rs. 1,300 and Rs. 1,400.
  • The pension of all the retired employees will also be increased by 32 % in the basic and by 14.22 % in the pension which includes DA.
  • This pension revision will imply that the lowest revision of pension will be from Rs. 3,500 and will go up to Rs. 9,000.
  • The arrears will be applicable which the employees are entitled to get under the 7th pay commission from 1st Jan, 2016. This will also include the new rates of DA.

Salary Calculator Under 7th Pay Commission

  • After the implementation of the 7th pay commission, there has been a hike of 32 per cent in the basic pay of the state govt. employees in Haryana.
  • The pay matrix and fixation ratio implemented to revive the salary slabs was similar to the may matrix proposed by the central govt. in its new CPC. It was also easier to understand and implement.
  • The Govt. kept only 21 pay levels against the pre-existing 32 grades. Out of these grades, 14 are similar to the grade structure of the central govt.
  • The fitment factor of 2.57 was implemented while revision of the existing salary structures. This rate is similar to the rate used by the central govt. in its 7th pay commission.

Budget Allocation for 7th Pay Commission

The budget allocation for the necessary implementation of the 7th pay commission was done jointly by the Finance Ministry and the committee appointed to supervise the recommendations of the pay commission.

Other Benefits

  • A system of career improvement termed as ACP was implemented which will provide careen incentives to the Group C and Group D level employees.
  • Apart from the permanent employees of the state government, all the contractual employees may get the same benefit of the 7th pay commission.
  • The ceiling of death gratuity has been doubled from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh.



Salary Hike for College Employees in Haryana

The Haryana Government has recently made an announcement that has brought a smile on the faces of college employees. On 3rd August, 2018, Haryana authority implemented the 7th pay commission. Several perks and salary hikes were highlighted for both teaching and non-teaching college employees. The total number of such candidates, in universities and colleges is 2,853. The salary of assistant professors, associate professors and professors has been increased significantly. Apart from this, monthly remuneration of all librarians, in these institutes has been hiked as well. These benefits will be offered to teaching and non-teaching members in government colleges and those educational institutes, which receive financial support from the state authority.

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  1. The family pension revision in accordance with the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission in the case of Late Mrs. Bimla Kashyap has not so far been finalized.She retired as SR,Specialist SCERT. Haryana, Gurugram on 30.11.1987 and her PPO NO is 35104-S/HR. Her case was sent to Accountant General(A&E)Haryana,Chandigarh on 16,7.2018 under his Memo NoAd-2/2018/2783-84 by the Director,SCERT Haryana,Gurugram.. My request is the cases should not be delayed that long,

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