7th Pay Commission For Maharashtra Latest News Pay Scale Salary | Hindi


7th pay commission For Maharashtra Latest News Pay Scale Salary In Hindi

Revisions in pay commissions are the most awaited by the people employed by the government of India. But there are certain states which take their time before implementing them. One of them is the state of Maharashtra. The state is slightly apprehensive in its immediate application and is keen on applying several permutations and combinations before taking a step ahead.

Currently, 20, 00,000 employees, working for the government, in Maharashtra, are waiting for the change. AS per the information released by the ministry, there shall be slight delay. The revised pay shall be released in the year 2019, approximately, slightly before the assembly elections.

The state of Maharashtra, and the ministry concerned is keen on making a committee to understand things in detail. The same was done last time as well. The 6th pay commission had to be introduced in 2003, but, revisions were applied, two years late.

Panel / Committee for 7th pay in the state 

Since there is delay in the revisions of salary, the employees went on a strike for 3 days. Considering the same, a panel of three members has been made, for understanding things in detail, before implementing the changes. The committee was made on 17th January, 2017. The head of the committee is Additional chief secretary – KP Bakshi. The other two members are – principal secretaries belonging to the general administration department and the department of finance.

The reason why committee has been made is because, last time when changes were implemented, the state suffered financial crunches. This was real tough for the state to recover; this is the reason, why the state is being slow and steady.

Date of implementation Of 7th Pay Commission In Maharashtra 

As of now, the state of Maharashtra is not set to implement the revised changes in the pay scale. This will take two years before salaries are revised and paid to the employees of Maharashtra.

Right before assembly elections begin, the state shall start it. The tentative time is somewhere in the year 2019. This is because, the annual financial pressure, then, will be of Rs. 6000 crores. Sudhir Mangawat, stated the last time’s panel’s decisions and recommendations. He appreciated the corrective measures taken then, and set to re-apply it this time as well.

Since the delay did happen last time, for 6th pay commission, there was an increase in the GDP of the state. It was 5.6% before, and increased and became 8% in some time. This is believed to increase the revenues generated by the state. In turn, shall increase the monetary strength of the state, to be able to commence 7th pay commission in the state.

Budget allocated

Government of India has allocated Rs. 70,000 crore for the 7th pay commission. Concerning the same, the team involved in the 7th pay commission, shall be focusing more on the same point. Later, it would be seen, whether to increase the amount or no.

Expected Hike in Salary Pay Scale |DA

The increase in pay shall be for the government employees and the ones taking pension from the same. This is so because, by around april 11th, 2017, the 7th pay commission, and the factors related, will have their final discussions for its implementation.

Post all discussions and changes are done; the government will take only a couple of days to increase the salaries and the pension. The group secretaries suggested a hike in wages, amounting to Rs. 21000, for lower level, the hike is of worth Rs. 3000 and Rs. 270, 000 for upper level, the hike is of Rs. 20000.

The wage hike will impact of around 4700,000 employees and around 52, 00, 000 pensioners.


These are the steps to follow if you wish to calculate your increased pay through the calculator at the government’s website:-

  • First of all enter your basic pay and select the band along with the grade pay. Then enter your current HRA%, select your transport allowance and input the city you are currently working at.
  • Now simply click the calculate button to know your revised salary, as in the form of revised basic pay, for different levels, you will get to know your revised HRA and the final monthly pay as well.

Difference between 6th and 7th pay commission

Let us understand this better through examples.

Assistant station master

  • Salary as per the 6th pay commission, pay scale is – Rs. 5200 to Rs. 20200. Grade pay becomes Rs. 2800 and gross pay Rs. 11360.
  • Expected salary as per the 7th pay commission shall be – Pay scale will be- Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20200. This shall make grade pay to be Rs. 8400 and the entry level pay shall be Rs. 34080.


Workers working for cleaning and all at the railway stations, currently are getting Rs. 15600 and shall start to get Rs. 21000 as their gross pay.

With the government of Maharashtra, they are slightly apprehensive about the deficits they have to face, as they did, when pay commissions were introduced without diligence. The state is keen over good homework and then commencing the same.

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