Nov 122015

Minimum of 30% hike in basic salaries after 7th pay commission

Generally, government constitutes a pay commission for every ten years to revise the salaries of government employees. This helps in combating inflation and to make their salaries on par with inflation rate. Many rumours are being heard about the recommendations of 7th pay commission which are baseless. But it is true that government employees are waiting for salary hikes desperately. This has been the trend since the constitution of commission.

Minimum of 30 hike in basic salaries after 7th pay commission

The tenure of the commission has been extended and hence the rumours about its recommendations are also spreading fast. As per the media reports, some recommendations of 7th pay commission are released which are not official. People are just waiting with a great hope for such kind of reports even though it is known that the recommendations of any pay commission are highly unpredictable.

It is found that over 55 lakh pensioners and 48 lakh central government employees will be benefitted from the 7th pay commission. Although the commission was set by the UPA government, there were rumours that some changes have been brought by NDA government. As of now, the salaries of civil servants differ based on their cadets. But, this pay commission makes the salaries of IRS and IPS officers on par with IAS officers.

There is also a rumour about reduction in number of pay bands from 32 to 13 in order to cut down parity. The 7th pay commission is expected to increase the burden on exchequer by 9.5%. It is also expected that 7th pay commission may reduce the retirement age to 55 years or 33 years of service.

Of course, the basic salaries of the employees are expected to rise by 30 to 40 percent. This increases the total salaries of employees by many folds. For e.g. the basic pay in 1st pay commission was INR 35 per month. This is one of the reasons for a great demand on government jobs especially central government jobs which gives you many allowances along with basic pay.

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