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Jul 052016

Municipal Corporation Nagar Nigam Nagar Palika Pay Scale Pay Grade Salary Allowance After 7th Pay Commission

Municipal Corporation in India is said to be an administering government body that works in local basis. In India all the cities which have 3, 00,000 or more population has one municipal corporation. Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Surat, Telengana and so on are the leading cities that have municipal corporation body to look after the socio-economic issues of the city. It is a government body and millions of employees work under diverse departments here. Different states have different Corporation rules and designations and also they have different spay scale. Here in this following article we will look into the different designations under the municipal corporations of different states.

Municipal Corporation Nagar nigam Nagar Palika Pay Scale Pay Grade Salary Allowance

Municipal Corporation Pay Scale

Municipal Corporation like other government organisations has different pay bands for the employees work under the organisation. Different designations and the pay scale depend on the various pay bands. The pay scale under various pay bands are:

Sl. No.Pay BandPay Scale
1.PB 1Rs. 4900/- – Rs. 16, 200/-
2.PB 2Rs. 5400/- – Rs. 25200/-
3.PB 3Rs. 7100/- – Rs. 37600/-
4.PB 4Rs. 9000/- Rs. 40500/-
5.PB 5Rs. 37, 400/- – Rs. 60,000/-

The Pay scale of the employees working under the Municipal Corporation also depends on the diverse categories:

Sl. No.CategoriesPay Scale
1.Category AEmployees under PB 4 and 5
2.Category BEmployees under PB 3
3.Category CEmployees under PB 2
4.Category DEmployees under PB 1

Municipal Corporation Salary

The basic salary of a lower grade employee working under the Municipal Corporation starts from Rs. 4900/- per month. The employee falls under the Pay Band 1 or Category D is drawing minimum basic salary of Rs. 4900/- per month and maximum of salary Rs. 16, 200/- per month. On the other, employees who fall under the pay band 2 or Category C are drawing Rs. 5400/- minimum basic salary and maximum they can earn Rs. 25, 200/- per month.

Under Category B or Pay Band 3, the employees of Municipal Corporation get the basic salary of Rs. 7100/- that grows up to Rs. 40, 500/-. Under Category A, the employees get minimum basic salary of Rs. 9000/- that grows up to Rs. 60, 000/- per month along with other benefits.

Municipal Corporation Grade Pay

The Municipal Corporation employees get the Grade Pay according to the designation or grades they hold. The different levels of Grade Pay under different Pay Bands are as follows:

Sl. No.Pay BandGrade Pay (Rs. / month)
1.PB 11700
2.PB 21800 – 2900
3.PB 33200 – 4100
4.PB 44400 – 7600
5.PB 58700 – 8900

The employees who work under the Pay Band 1 get Grade Pay of Rs.1700/- per month. Other employees who are working under rest of the pay bands mentioned in the table can receive different levels of Grade Pay depending on the posts they are holding.

Municipal Corporation Pay Scale / Salary by Designation

There are few prominent posts in the Municipal Corporations in all the different states. According to the designations the Salary / Pay Scale of the employees are:

DesignationPay BandPay Scale
SweeperPB 14900/- – 16200/-
FarashPB 25400/- – 25200/-
Night GuardPB 25400/- – 25200/-
GuardPB 25400/- – 25200/-
PeonPB 25400/- – 25200/-
OrderlyPB 25400/- – 25200/-
JamadarPB 25400/- – 25200/-
DuftryPB 25400/- – 25200/-
DriverPB 25400/- – 25200/-
Bank SarkarPB 25400/- – 25200/-
Record SupplierPB 25400/- – 25200/-
TypistPB 25400/- – 25200/-
StenographerPB 37000/- – 37000/-
Junior AssistantPB 37000/- – 37000/-
CashierPB 37000/- – 37000/-
UD AssistantPB 37000/- – 37000/-
Sel. Gr. TypistPB 37000/- – 37000/-
Head AssistantPB 37000/- – 37000/-
Sup. Sel. Gr. TypistPB 37000/- – 37000/-
Supervisor AccountPB 37000/- – 37000/-
AccountantPB 49000/- – 40500/-
Assistant SecretaryPB 49000/- – 40500/-
Law OfficerPB 49000/- – 40500/-
PA to chairmanPB 49000/- – 40500/-
Dep. SecretaryPB 49000/- – 40500/-
SecretaryPB 49000/- – 40500/-

Municipal Corporation Pay Scale / Salary by State

AS mentioned that the Municipal Corporations are different from city to city. Generally state wise the municipal corporation’s departments and units are formed. State wise the pay band of the employees is more or less same. Some of the designations may change but overall the salary and pay scale are same for all.

Benefits under 7th Pay Commission

Under 7th Pay Commission the pay scale of each employee has been raised by 23%. Allowances like Dearness Allowances have risen to 125% along with other allowances.

Allowances for Municipal Corporation

The allowances given to the employees of Municipal Corporation are:

Dearness Allowances,
House Rent Allowances,
Travel Allowances,
Vehicle Allowances,
Pension after retirement,
Conveyance and so on. Some of the senior employees get car facility and housing facility as well.

Other :

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