Pay Scale Pension For Vice Chancellor,Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Finance Officer,Deputy Finance Officer, Director Under 7th Pay Commission

Pay Scale Pension For Vice Chancellor,Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Finance Officer,Deputy Finance Officer, Director Under 7th Pay Commission 

The status of a college is often judged by the qualification of its professors. That is because professors directly influence the quality of education provided by the institution. However, the importance of non-teaching staff in an institution is also something that can’t be neglected. Though they’re not given much attention, they make important components of all educational institutions and have their own importance. It’s important to talk about them today because things are not going well for them since last few years. Reports regarding under-payment of non-teaching staff are emerging from many states, which is an issue that can make or break the educational system of our country. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the issue before things worsen.

Pay Scale Pension For Vice Chancellor,Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Finance Officer,Deputy Finance Officer, Director Under 7th Pay Commission

In this article first of all we’ll take a look at current non-teaching staff pay scales, and then we’ll take a look at situation in some states from where most fumes of under-payment are rising. Let’s dive in:

  • Non-Teaching Staff Pay Scales

Currently non-teaching staff personnel in most universities of India are being paid according to following pay scales:

Post Pay Scale
Vice Chancellor Rs. 25,000/- (fixed)
Registrar 16400-450-20900-500-22400
Deputy Registrar 12000-420-18300
Finance Officer 16400-450-20900-500-22400
Deputy Finance Officer 12000-420-18300
Librarian 16400-450-20900-500-22400
Deputy Librarian 12000-420-18300
Coordinator 16400-450-20900-500-22400
Director, Computer Centre 16400-450-20900-500-22400

As you can see, the pay scale is neither too good nor too bad. The problem is arising in states where non-teaching staff are not being paid according to this scale, which is happening mostly in Punjab and Kerala. The recent situation in both states is given below.


Non-teaching staff of Guru Nanak Dev University and its affiliated colleges in Ludhiana have been protesting for better salary since 2011. They organized their most recent protest around one month ago in March. Their demand of better salaries isn’t anything new – it is a part of several other pending demands they’ve been making to the ruling SAD-BJP government since years, which include releasing of medical and house rent allowance from August 2009, gratuity and pension benefits, release of leave encashment and lifting of ban that has been placed on recruitment of fresh non-teaching staff. These employees are especially frustrated and furious because the government didn’t live up to its words. SAD-BJP had promised to these people in its election manifesto of 2012 that their pending demands will be met if alliance comes to power. However, more than four years have gone since their ascension to power and they’ve done nothing to meet the demands of these people.


In Kerala, things are fine for most government colleges and universities but private colleges are notorious to keep the compensation of non-teaching staff at a meager level regardless of their experience with the college. Fortunately, state government has identified the issue on time and has taken stern steps to fix it. Last year in November it issued strict guidelines to colleges that even freshers working in non-teaching staff should be paid at least Rs. 10,000 INR as salary and salaries of experienced employees should be paid according to earlier pay scale. Just like freshers, minimum salaries have been set for experienced non-teaching staff as well according to their levels of experience. State government has also issued the warning that colleges failing to meet these guidelines may lose their affiliation.

If education system has to be kept running smoothly, it’s important to pay attention to non-teaching staff pay scales. Hopefully other states will take a page out of the book of Kerala and things will improve with implementation of 7th CPC.

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