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Jun 272016

Railways Mail Guard, Passenger Guard,Sr. Passenger Guard Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Salary & Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission 

More than 2.5 crore passengers and 3 million tons of freight is carried across the country by trains of Indian Railways. And Guards of Railways play a crucial role in ensuring successful completion of these operations. Therefore, the job of Guard in Indian Railways is that of responsibility. And due to that responsibility they’re also paid nicely by the Railways, which makes this job a promising career option. Let’s take a look at how much they earn.

Mail Guard, Passenger Guard,Sr. Passenger Guard Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Salary Allowance

Mail Guard, Passenger Guard, Sr. Passenger Guard Pay Scale & Grade Pay

According to 6th CPC current Pay Scale of Mail Guard and Sr. Passenger Guard is 5,500 – 9,000. For Passenger Guards it’s 5000 – 8000.The Grade Pay of Mail Guard, Passenger Guard and Sr. Passenger Guard is same at 4,200.

Mail Guard, Passenger Guard, Sr. Passenger Guard Salary

Thanks to the large number of allowances that’re paid to them, salaries of guards vary significantly from month to month depending on the allowances they receive. You can get a rough idea of it by adding Pay Scale and Grade Pay, which means:

  • 9,700 – Rs. 13,200 plus allowances for Mail Guard and Sr. Passenger Guard;
  • 9,200 – Rs. 12,200 plus allowances for Passenger Guard.

Mail Guard, Passenger Guard, Sr. Passenger Guard Allowances

Due to the nature of their job Guards are provided a wide range of running staff allowances, which include:

  1. Kilometrage Allowance: Granted for being employed on running duties. It works as a major incentive that encourages guards and other running staff to keep running the trains. Current rates are Rs. 192.5 per 100 kms for Mail Guard and Rs. 191.25 per 100 kms for Passenger Guard.
  2. Allowance in Lieu of Kilometrage: Paid when guards are engaged in any non-running duties of railways. Current rates are given below:
Duty location Rate of Allowance
Headquarters 30% of Band Pay
Outstation @ 160 kms per day
  1. Accident Allowance: If they’re held at any station other than headquarters for more than 8 hours due to any accident then this allowance is paid at the rate of 70 kms per 24 hours.
  2. Outstation (Detention) Allowance: Paid when guards are held at any station away from their headquarters for a period longer than 16 hours after signing off.
  3. Outstation (Relieving) Allowance: Paid when guards are deputed for a running duty or station duty away from their headquarters.
  4. Allowance in Lieu of Running Room Facilities: Paid when guards are deputed at any station that doesn’t have running room facility.
  5. Breach of Rest Allowance: The overtime allowance for Guards. It’s paid if their rest hours fall short of the prescribed rest hours.
  6. Officiating Allowance: Paid if guards are put to officiate in any running or stationary post for 30 days or less.
  7. Trip Allowance: Paid to guards for duty on high speed trains (i.e. Rajdhani Express). Current rates are Rs. 18 per trip.
  8. Waiting Duty Allowance: Paid when guards wait for their duties due to cancellation/detention of train, roster or any other reason of administrative interests. Currently paid at the rate of 15 kms per hour for a maximum of 10 hours.
  9. Shunting Duty Allowance: Paid to guards working through Goods Trains and Shunting Van Goods Trains. Current rates are Rs. 26.50 per shunting.

Special Mail Guard Allowances

Due to nature of their work Mail Guards are considered “special” among the running staff of Railways. As a result, they enjoy a Special Running Staff Allowance, which is not paid to other guards. It’s not too old as it was introduced in 6th CPC. Dearness Allowance is also paid on this allowance. Current rates are Rs. 500 per month.

 benefits Under 7th Pay

The corresponding pay band of all these guards under 7th CPC will be 9,300 – 34,800. However, grade pay has been kept intact.

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