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Jul 152016

TWAD Staff Pay Scale Matrix Salary Slip Allowance Under 7th Pay Commission

Tamil Nadu Water supply And Drainage board recruits over a thousand of staffs every year in different departments and designations. Sewerage facilities and water supply of the state is taken care by the TWAD board under the supervision of the Managing Director of TWAD Mr. Thiru. C. Vijayaraj Kumar. There are number of different department and designations under TWAD and there is a large number of staffs work under each department. The Pay scale of the staffs is different on the basis of their grade and designation. Here in this piece of content you will get to know about the pay scale, grade pay and other facilities of the TWAD staffs.

TWAD Staff Pay Scale Matrix Salary Allowance

TWAD Staff Pay Scale

The pay scale of the TWAD staffs is different on the basis of different designations. There are 4 pay bands under which the designations are being divided. Pay Band 1A consists of junior level staffs such as watchman, driver, lab attendant, record clerk and many others. The pay scale of these staffs starts from Rs. 4800/- and can grow up to Rs. 10, 000/- per month. The pay band 1 consists of the junior assistant, typists, sergeant and many other employees. Their pay scale starts from Rs. 5200/- per month and can go up to Rs.20, 200/- per month without grade pay. The 4 division of pay bands are as follows:

Pay Band Pay Scale (Per month)
1A 4800/- – 10000/-
1 5200/- – 20200/-
2 9300/- – 34800/-
3 15600/- – 39100/-
4 37400/- – 67000/-

TWAD Staff Salary

As mentioned the basic salary of the TWAD staffs depends on the basis of designation they are holding. The minimum basic salary of a staff under TWAD starts from Rs. 4800/- without grade pay. Driver, Watchman, record clerk, lift operator, sweeper and such employees draw en entry salary of Rs. 4800/- per month. They fall under PB 1A.

On the other clerk, junior assistant, typist, electrician, telephone operator, audit assistant and such staffs draw entry level salary of Rs 5200/- per month without grade pay. They fall under the PB 1. Similarly, those who fall under the PB 2 like programmer draw basic salary of Rs. 9300/- per month at the entry level.

Employees like deputy chief accounts officers, chief water analyst and such get the basis salary of Rs. 15600/- per month at the entry level. Super senior staffs like Managing director, finance director and such get the salary of Rs. 37400/- per month at the entry level.

TWAD Grade Pay

The grade pay of each staff depends on the designation and the gradation they are working under. The different levels of grade pay in TWAD are:

Pay Band Grade Pay (per month)
1A Rs. 1300/-
1 Rs. 1800/- – 2400/-
2 Rs. 4400/- – 4900/-
3 Rs. 5400/- – 7600/-
4 Rs. 8700/- – 10, 000/-

TWAD Department and Designation with Pay Scale

Designation Department Pay Scale& Grade Pay
Managing Director Directors 37400/- – 67000/-& 10, 000/-
Joint Managing Director Directors 37400/- – 67000/-& Rs. 8900/-
Engineering Director Engineering 37400/- – 67000/-&Rs. 8900/-
Chief Engineer Engineering 37400/- – 67000/-&Rs. 8900/-
Joint Chief Engineer Engineering 37400/- – 67000/-&Rs. 8700/-
Finance Director Accounts and Finance 37400/- – 67000/-&Rs. 8800/-
Law Officer Law 37400/- – 67000/-& Rs. 8900/-
Senior Hydrogeologist Geological 37400/- – 67000/-& Rs. 8700/-
Chief Accounts Officer Accounts and Finance 15600/- – 39100/-&Rs. 6600/-
Chief Audit Officer Accounts and Finance 15600/- – 39100/-&Rs. 6600/-
Vigilance Officer Senior 15600/- – 39100/-& Rs. 6600/-
Deputy Chief Engineer Engineering 15600/- – 39100/-Rs. 6600/-
Special Grade Draughtsman Technical 15600/- – 39100/-&Rs. 5400/-
Assistant Executive Engineer Engineering 15600/- – 39100/-&Rs. 5400/-
Electrical Superintendant Electrical 9300/- – 34800/-& Rs. 4400/-
Assistant Accounts Officer Accounts and Finance 9300/- – 34800/-&Rs. 4900/-
Assistant Hydrogeologist Geological 9300/- – 34800/-&Rs. 4700/-
Junior Water Analyst Geological 9300/- – 34800/-&Rs. 4500/-
Senior Draughting Officer Technical 9300/- – 34800/-&Rs. 4700/-
Junior Draughting Officer Technical 5200/- – 20200/-&Rs. 2800/-
Assistant Draftsman Technical 5200/- – 20200/-&Rs. 2000/-
Chemist Research and Development 5200/- – 20200/-&Rs. 4500/-
Watchman Junior Labour 4800/- – 10000/-&Rs. 1300/-
Driver Junior Labour 4800/- – 10000/-&Rs. 1300/-
Lift Operator Junior Labour 4800/- – 10000/-&Rs. 1300/-

Allowance for TWAD Staff

  • Uniform is one such facility that an employee receives from the government. The cost of the uniform of the female employee under TWAD is being financed by the government. It was declared in the year 2001.
  • Dearness allowance is another basic allowance that is given to the employees. Along with DA, arrears commutation allowances, HRA and TA are also provided to the employees.
  • Pension, gratuity and equal portion of DA after retirement is also added to the list of the allowances for the employees. The pensioners and family pensioners will receive all the allowances as per government rules.

TWAD Staff Pay Scale and Other facility Under 7th Pay Commission

  • After 7th pay commission the dearness allowances have been revised for the pensioners. The amount of DA will be given in equal amount as a working staff receives.
  • The other allowances will be same as before. The grade pay excluding PB 1A has been hiked as well. The dearness allowances have risen to 125% from 113% after 7th pay commission.

Other :

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